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Pomellato’s Iconica Novelties Honor Milanese Jewelry-Making with Colors

Since its conception, Pomellato’s Iconica collection has been synonymous with traditional jewelry-making techniques and reflective of the opulence of the Byzantine era. Throughout its highly successful journey, its modern interpretation of classic style resulted in gender fluid rings and multi-way necklaces that cater to all jewelry enthusiasts without any exception. And by offering Iconica novelties, Pomellato explores new ways to bring color into its jewelry world.

By refining both the cut of the stones and the setting techniques, Pomellato created a contrast between the geometry of the colored gemstones and the smooth curves that set Iconica apart. In reference to the three gemstone colors dear to Pomellato, red garnet, London blue topaz and green peridot were the gemstones of choice. And in order to achieve a timeless and clean look, the House has revived and refined the English flush-setting technique, proving once again its experience and know-how in this field. After removing the excess of gold, the custom-cut baguette-shaped gemstones are now perfectly embedded and held in place.


In addition to the new rings, a lariat-style necklace joins the family and introduces an open chain with an adjustable gold slider set with colorful gems. To achieve this model, an innovative sliding system with an all-gold mechanism was created – adding versatility to the piece. As for the earrings, they hug the lobe with their six gemstones.

From Pomellato’s mastery in design and craftsmanship, the concept of elegant informality was born and continues to inspire women with exciting ways to wear their precious jewelry. And with these novelties, the Iconica family brings a touch of color to an outfit, whether they’re worn on their own, stacked with classic gold Iconica rings or mixed and matched with diamond pavé versions. Well, that’s how a Pomellato jewel celebrates traditional skills while looking to the future.

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