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Pomellato and Venetian Heritage on a New Artistic Adventure

A new collaboration brought Pomellato and Venetian Heritage together once again: the Light and Reflections project, bringing a state-of-the-art illumination system to the façade of the Ca’ d’Oro. The international foundation safeguards and promotes the artistic legacy of Venice, and Pomellato is here to shed light on the beauty of the palace on Venice’s Grand Canal. The latter is famous for its exquisite open-work marble façade that in the past was partially gilded, giving it the name ‘golden house.’ By doing so, the House created the one-of-a-kind Venetian Dream diamond-set high jewelry necklace inspired by this iconic Gothic palazzo to mark the unveiling of the completed works.

Inspired by the mesmerizing play of light that fills the building, the abundant forms of the façade – including the quatrefoil openings, and everything in between, the necklace has three geometrical shapes. This rose gold pendant tells its story through irregular silhouettes of seven dazzling, fancy-cut diamonds set in a line to capture the otherworldly quality of the point where the rippling water of the Grand Canal meets the symmetry of the building. As for the chain, it’s set with more than 4,000 diamonds that give it a light and shimmering quality, reminiscent of the dreamlike reflections of Venice’s cityscape. This piece of art will only be available in Pomellato’s Venice boutique on 2031 Calle Larga XXII Marzo. 

The will to honor and preserve Italy’s artisanal and artistic heritage is at the heart of this collaboration, and the resulting projects are nothing but mere examples of the beauty that is created.

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