Plan Your Wellness Retreat at These 7 Destinations

Cover Photo Courtesy of Dior Spa

With your busy life taking its toll on your physical and mental health, a new year should start with a treat that only you can offer to yourself. Although gifting season might be over, you can always thank “YOU” for facing the challenges life throws at you with strength and it’s with a wellness retreat that you can give yourself the chance for a new, healthier beginning.

With this in mind, join us and check the 7 places where you can renew yourself and give your body and mind the gift they deserve.          

Sha Wellness Clinic, Spain

By combining the latest medical advances with dietary re-education and various natural therapies, Sha Wellness Clinic’s mission is to improve and prolong the health of its guests. It integrates 8 holistic disciplines to help them achieve their goals and optimize their wellbeing.


Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Recapture your youth and renew your energy through health and wellness programs to which luxury sets the tone. With leading preventive medicine, bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plans, 50 medical specialists and a team of experts will make sure to change your life.


Dior Spa, France

With happiness, uniqueness and originality being the essence of every experience, Dior Spa at Le Cheval Blanc Paris ensures an immediate yet lasting transformation for both your skin and senses. As serenity surrounds you, beauty will be your companion along this journey.


Spa by JW, Maldives

Located at the JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa, this tropical sanctuary seamlessly blends luxury and wellbeing. It offers a range of therapies inspired by some of the world’s most ancient practices – catering to your mind, body and spirit.


Guerlain Spa, United Arab Emirates

Beauty, grooming and wellbeing set the tone for your Guerlain Spa experience at One&Only The Palm. Arabian rituals mingle with French beauty and age-old traditions with modern skincare innovations in this Moorish sanctuary for you to feel restored, revived and radiant.


Vana, India

Wellness awaits you in a secluded haven in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Going beyond the conventional, trained therapists will guide your way through a journey consisting of a minimum of 21 days to make sure you feel renewed and ready to embrace a new, healthier lifestyle.


Lefay Spa, Italy

A marriage between Classical Chinese Medicine and Western scientific research is at the heart of the health programs Lefay Spa offers. Personalized according to every visitor’s needs, this experience will guide your way through this mental and physical wellbeing journey.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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