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Pink Gold Lovin’

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Nothing is shinier than gold and nothing is more charming than pink. Put them together and you’ll get a swooning combination of finesse and elegance that exceeds any expectations. As delicate as a fine jewelry piece can be, the fact of being crafted from pink gold makes it an emblem of femininity. It screams softness through all its details and adds the right amount of shine to your look. Could a woman ask for more?

Go a little bolder by opting for a bigger jewelry piece. Pick a diamond-set one for added sparkle that will turn your look upside down. Provide your look with a touch of playfulness and choose one set colored gemstones. Reach new levels of finesse by tapping a piece adorned with mother-of-pearl.

Imagine this warm gold color set against your bronzed skin… that’s the impact that every fashionable woman who loves jewelry covets. From classic creations to more modern ones, the world of jewelry is a land of choices that will give every woman what she wants, no matter her taste and style. We’re so lucky and you’re even luckier, as we’ve gathered a list of the best pink gold pieces out there for you to choose from and indulge in this sensational blend of charm and softness.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Pomellato, Brera earrings
Versace, Virya double ring
Cartier, Clash bangle
Van Cleef & Arpels, Perlée Couleurs ring
Akillis, Python bangle
Chopard, Happy Hearts Wings ring
Bvlgari, B.zero1 earrings
Tiffany & Co., Paper Flowers pendant
Dior, Mimirose necklace
Piaget, Possession earrings
Louis Vuitton, B Blossom earrings
Chaumet, Liens Evidence bangle
Vhernier, Eclisse earrings
Boucheron, Quatre Clou de Paris bangle
CHANEL, Extrait de Camelia necklace

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Chopard’s Happy Must-Haves

Diamonds are there to always make women happy and what actually make them happier are dancing diamonds! Exuding joy and elegance, Chopard’s Happy Diamonds collection makes the heart of every woman who wears these playful creations skip a beat. With every new selection of pieces that Chopard unveils under the name of Happy Diamonds, elegance gets redefined and jewelry proves once again to be a reason behind the smile of a sophisticated woman who never misses the chance to update her jewelry box with novelties.

In addition to carrying a message of love and joy, Chopard’s new Happy Hearts and Happy Hearts Wings jewelry pieces earn their place as the house’s new talismans of happiness, accompanying the modern woman through her daily adventures and drawing a smile on her face with nothing but a simple look at them every now and then.

One heart became a bouquet of hearts – spreading even more love through a necklace that embraces your neck with elegance. The same goes for the earrings, in which the heart has doubled to leave one resting against the earlobe and another positioned beneath the ear. More freedom and lightness is expressed through the new Happy Hearts Wings pieces – which bring together three hearts to create a butterfly effect.

With these novelties, Chopard proves once again that “Little Diamonds Do Great Things”. Join us and check out the new “happy” must-haves.

Happy Hearts Wings necklace
Happy Hearts earrings
Happy Hearts Wings bangle
Happy Hearts necklace
Happy Hearts Wings earrings
Happy Hearts necklace
Happy Hearts Wings ring
Happy Hearts earrings

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It’s all about the Sparkle of a Beautiful Diamond Ring

Cover Photo Courtesy of Harry Winston

Every bride should sparkle with her diamonds on her wedding day, and the biggest sparkle should come from a gorgeous diamond ring.

While some brides would rather wear their engagement ring, you might like to choose a new one. With a swooning diamond at its heart and exquisite details surrounding it, the piece that will adorn your finger – other than your wedding ring of course – is more of a stunner than a ring. Before heading out to choose the perfect piece, think of the shape of the diamond that you love or more specifically, the one that best matches the shape of your hand and fingers, as well as the style that best reflects your character. Making the right decision is key, as this will be a great investment and the perfect heirloom to pass on to your daughter.

We won’t blame you if you decide to break all the rules and follow your heart when choosing this amazing jewelry piece. Many brides change their minds as soon as they start exploring the many options out there. For inspiration, take a look at the diamond rings that we picked for you!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Harry Winston, Bridal Couture ring
Graff, Promise ring
Piaget, Golden Oasis high jewelry collection, Mirage ring
Van Cleef & Arpels, Romeo & Juliet high jewelry collection, Specchio ring
Cartier, exceptional diamond ring
Boucheron, Paris, Vu Du 26 high jewelry collection, Colonne d'Acanthe ring
Bvlgari, Cinemagia high jewelry ring
Harry Winston, Bridal Couture ring
Graff, Twin Constellation ring
Piaget, Golden Oasis high jewelry collection, White Titanota ring

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Exclusive – Just Another Splendid Van Cleef and Arpels Time Story

Van Cleef and Arpels always amazes us with an out of this world timepiece. The House, founded back in 1906 on the love that brought Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef together, yet again offers us pure magic.

The Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux collection is not a novelty for the House’s lovers but after 9 years, Van Cleef & Arpels, releases new creations that are just amazing! Between rose gold, white gold and diamond sets, choosing only one favorite seems impossible. Fortunately, no matter which design you choose, you will get the chance to enjoy seeing the young lady moving forward – to mark the hours – to finally meet her lover who moves towards her as well – marking the minutes.  Once reunited, the beautiful couple share a kiss at midday and midnight.

Watch this breathtaking video and get immersed in the magical world of Van Cleef & Arpels.

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Jewelers to the Young

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If you think that the world of jewelry is taken over by classicism, you’re absolutely wrong! To the contrary, it is filled with modern designers and talents that add a touch of balance to the equation – offering the younger generation a chance to enhance the beauty of their style with creations that speak to their age and contemporary taste.

Although iconic jewelry houses never fail to uncover collections that speak to the most modern of women, the young are always in quest for a breath of fresh air that can only be found in the mind of a designer who introduces a new way of thinking, a new way of making jewelry and expressing through precious pieces the modern feel of a certain personality. Join us below to take a look at a list of designers that have earned their place as jewelers to the young!

Jacquie Aiche

Multi-culture is at the heart of Jacquie Aiche’s designs. This Egyptian-American designer blends her two distinctive heritages to introduce a one-of-a-kind design philosophy and pieces that bring together ethereal ease, luxury and rebellion – just like the woman who wears them. 


Pomellato’s jewels are all about an avant-gardist and original approaches to sophisticated colored gemstones. The designs see an array of gem cuts that make of the brand’s marvels an emblem of modern yet conventional beauty. A Pomellato jewelry piece is immediately recognizable – it’s truly Pomellato.


When Gaia Repossi took over the helm of the house as creative and artistic director in 2007, she brought with her a passion for contemporary art and the effects of metal within modern sculpture and architecture. With this inspiration in mind, her designs use modern, minimalist motifs and innovative complex patterns.


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It’s with soft curves, extraordinarily bold dimensions and mesmerizing plays of colors that the true Vhernier style is defined. The rigorous yet understated spirit of Milan comes alive in powerful pieces that add the right amount of audacity to a modern woman’s look.

Nikos Koulis

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This Greek jewelry designer never fails to showcase his elaborate techniques and deep knowledge in high-quality jewelry making through his exquisite offerings. Special cuts and exquisite stones along with a futuristic feel set the tone for his unique pieces.

Colette Jewelry by Colette Steckel

Photo Courtesy of

Behind this brand lies a designer who is always in quest for new ways for modern women to wear jewelry. Driven by this fresh perspective, she creates works of art wearable for any occasion. Since the beginning of her journey, she started to push the boundaries of fine jewelry and continues to do so in the name of contemporary fashion edge.

Messika Paris

Driven by her personal passion for the king of gems and inspired by art, movement and color, Valerie Messika uses jewelry as a way to express her free-spirited personality and audacity. Playing to her own dynamic urban beat, she embodies the vision of jewelry into contemporized and revitalized creations.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Creativity Does the Talking in These Dials

Cover Photo Courtesy of Cartier

When it comes to timepieces and exceptional dials, creativity has reached new unprecedented levels. Every watchmaking and jewelry house has a special way in redefining the concept of a dial with an artistic feel.

Mother Nature stays on top of the list of elements that constitute a main source of inspiration for creative minds. From the peacock that made an appearance on each of Bvlgari’s, Fabergé’s and Harry Winston’s watches, to the flowers that keep on blooming on the likes of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s, Piaget’s and Boucheron’s dials, to the tiger and other creatures that adorn the watches of Cartier and Bovet, the list is far from being limited. Gemstones come next, leaving Chaumet and Fabergé with exceptional designs. And while Bvlgari used its name’s letters to add a creative flair to the dial of its new LVCEA watch, Dior opted for couture-like diamond-set embroideries. Even poetry, which was conceived as a way to take us on a journey to dreamy places that we thought were reachable only through the eyes of a reader, paved its way to a dial that took Hermès’ creativity to new unprecedented levels. And of course, the list could never be complete without of touch of geometry, with Hermès also taking the lead through its new Arceau H Déco watch.

Join us in taking a look at these timepieces that stand out with their exceptionally creative dials.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Bvlgari, LVCEA Skeleton watch
Cartier, Panthère Figurative Louis Cartier Regard de Panthère watch
Fabergé, Dalliance watch
Boucheron, Paris, Vu du 26 high jewelry collection, Feuilles d'Acanthe Tourbillon watch
Hermès, Slim d'Hermès Carré de Rêve watch
Chaumet, Pierres de Rêve Dendritic Opal watch
Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rendez-Vous Sonatina Nude Orchid watch
Harry Winston, Premier Precious Peacock Automatic watch
Dior, Dior Grand Bal Opera N°5 watch 
One-of-a-kind piece
Bovet, Amadéo Fleurier 39 watch
Piaget, Golden Oasis high jewelry collection, Titanota Bright Garden watch
Hermès, Arceau H Déco watch
Fabergé, Lady Compliquée Peacock watch
CHANEL, Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel pendant watch
Bvlgari, Diva's Dream Peacock watch

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