Perfect Your Complexion with These Primers

Primers are simply beauty marvels that were created to make every makeup look we achieve as perfect as possible. Whether you choose one that matifies your skin, minimizes the appearance of pores, boosts your complexion’s radiance or blurs your small wrinkles, this product is a definite must-have in your beauty box.

Think of it as a photo-editor or a filter for your pictures and the miraculous product that will hold your makeup in place for a really long time. Yes, you can definitely say goodbye to touch-ups when you are enjoying any occasion! All you need to achieve the wondrous results is to add a simple step to your beauty routine that will take less than a minute of your precious time.

Want to choose your primer? Visit the Photo Gallery and take a look at the list we have gathered to help you make your decision.


Mirella Haddad

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Let’s Explore Hugo Boss’ Oud Novelties

Nothing is more perfect than a oud fragrance exclusive to the Middle East. Better so, nothing can compete with two oud olfactory aromas created exclusively for the region, the Hugo Boss way! With powerful opulence in mind, Hugo Boss unveils two new scents using this rich, mysterious Middle Eastern ingredient that carries its exquisiteness in its description as “black gold”.

Crafted by master perfumer Annick Menardo, the fragrances speak to the man of today. They combine heritage and modernity and represent those who are faithful to their culture but look forward to their future. In fact, the man who wears such a fragrance is only one who appreciates his traditions yet embraces the technology offered by the modern world.

It all started in 2015, with the launch of Boss Bottled Oud which includes refreshing top notes of citrus and apple, spicy-floral heart notes of clove and rockrose and rich base notes of warm and musky oud and sandalwood. For the two new fragrances, the original fragrance takes different turns. The Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic features notes of orange blossom that come together with soft and balsamic notes of white honey, incense and oud in a wood-green flacon. As for the Boss Bottled Oud Saffron, a spicy-floral accord of saffron and rose is combined with silky suede notes and opulent oud in a deep red bottle.

These two novelties are revealed in a video directed by Thibault Jouvent. And to make the campaign more unique than ever, the spirit of the fragrances is mirrored in a unique artwork by calligraphist Vincent Abadie Hafez.

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Sunscreen 101

I have to be honest, although I know how important sunscreen is, I do try to use products that include it, but I have such a hard time using a sunscreen on its own. I have super sensitive skin and most chemical sunscreens just don’t work well with my skin. Now that I have a little girl and I am in the forties club, it’s time to try and find a suitable sunscreen for both of us. Her skin is far more fair than mine, so I can’t get away with leaving her unprotected, not to mention that she is a toddler and needs protection regardless of her skin type.
First thing I learned was that the best sunscreens are the ones that you have to reapply. Although it would be much more convenient to apply it in the morning and forget about it, that is the recommendation by dermatologists.

There are three major things to look for in a sunscreen. -broad-spectrum protection
-SPF 30 or higher
-Water resistant

So is higher SPF better? Not necessarily. The best way to ensure that you have the most protection is reapplying every two hours. For kids, look for a sunscreen with either zinc oxide or titanium oxide in it.
There are so many different types of creams, gel sticks and sprays.
For the face opt for a cream and a stick for around the eye area. Gels and sprays can be used for the body but there is a risk of inhalation with sprays and should never be used near the face.


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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Sweet, Sweet Perfumes

Cover Photo Courtesy of Guerlain

What’s better than eating candy? Well, smelling it of course! With summer well underway, sometimes all you need is to smell fresh, but not any kind of fresh – we’re talking about the sweet freshness. While a sweet fragrance might feel warm, it’s just perfect for the sunny season.

In fact, a candy-licious perfume opens up your senses to much-needed energy. Besides lasting for a long time, a sweet fragrance is surely to leave quite an impression behind you. Although these scents take us back to childhood memories, they are attractive in their very own special way. They can also be described as addictive – at least for me! Actually, how many times have you tried such a fragrance and you were instantly in a better mood?

With this in mind, here’s a list of the best sweet fragrances that will get you smelling oh-so-yummy all summer long. Take a look at our 10 picks and choose your favorite – or favorites!

CHANEL, Coco Mademoiselle
Givenchy, L'Interdit
Moschino, Gold Fresh Couture
Salvatore Ferragamo, Amo Ferragamo
Kenzo, World
Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce Garden
Guerlain, La Petite Robe Noire Hippy Chic
Elie Saab, Le Parfum In White
Louis Vuitton, Attrape-Rêves
Prada, Candy Sugar Pop

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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How to Look Like a Bronze Goddess

With Summerwell underway, nothing brings you more confidence like a “JLO glow.”

Whether you are super pale or naturally dark, these tips can work for everyone.
The first step in getting bronzed is using cream products first. Start off with a darker foundation. You know that color you were loving all winter? It’s time to bump up to the next shade.

Next, let’s contour a bit. Now hold on, don’t grab your favorite bronzing powder just yet. First, grab your cream contour stick. I am obsessed with NUDESTIX Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze in Bondi Bae, which is the perfect bronzed nude shade. You can use this all over like your jaw line, around your nose and even overline your lips with it.

Yes, it’s a thick product, so grab your favorite brush and start drawing those contour lines.
Once you blend everything in, you are ready for powder. Get your favorite bronzing powder. We love the FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer.

I love a glossy nude lip with this look with maybe a gold creamy shadow. Add a pop of highlight on the cheeks, and watch out world!


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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5 Ways to Master the Bobby Pins Trend

Cover Photo Courtesy of

Pins are one of the beauty world’s latest trends and we must say, they’re most probably the most tempting. In fact, we never thought that these marvels from the 90s would witness such a strong comeback. However, as part of embracing this trend, we’ve scored some ways to enjoy it to the fullest.

1 – If you’re using plain bobby pins – whether they come in colors or in metallic hues – you can create patterns as far as your hair length allows you to. Think of intertwining two in the middle in order to get an X shape, or at the top in order to get the V shape. On one side or both sides, you might ask? Well, our answer would be the bolder, the better!

2 – If you like half up-dos, take a hair strand from the right and one from the left and gather them in the middle with three pins that form the shape of a triangle. Yes, as you can see, it’s all about flaunting your creativity.

3 – Short haired ladies can also find ways to master this trend and in this case, ladies, consider treating yourselves to some bobby pins adorned with motifs. Stars, seashells, pearls, flowers and even words have made this trend even more covetable. Pick two and secure the side strand from your hair with them in a way that shows off your stylish sense.

4 – For braid lovers, plain bobby pins can be a great way to compliment your favorite hairdo. Choose the colors that best suit your outfit and secure every left or right strand with one. Stick to one side in order to create a nice pattern without exaggeration.

5 – Do you like buns? Although this hairstyle looks so cute when it’s done in a messy way, it will look even better when paired with a motif-adorned bobby on one side, both sides or in the front part of your hair. It just adds that extra glamorous flair to your look!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Celebrate Your Father on His Day with a Fragrance

The day that celebrates fathers is fast approaching and the least you can do to celebrate yours and all that he’s done for you throughout your life is offer him a fragrance that most fits his character.

First of all, you should know which fragrance your father usually wears and decide whether to get him a day perfume or one that he’s going to wear to special evening occasions. While the first should always be based on his casual taste, the second should reflect unparalleled elegance paired with a unique sophisticated feel.

For the first option, you can choose fragrances with light, refreshing notes that reflect the summer spirit and the lightness required for a fresh look fit for hot weather. When it comes to black-tie events and special occasions, think of something that exudes luxury through warm woody notes and precious ingredients such as oud, amber and musk. The age also plays a big role in this equation, as younger dads would rather go for modern scents, while older ones prefer classics.

With all this information in mind, we decided to help you choose the perfect olfactory gift for your father by carefully narrowing down a list of the best and newest perfumes available out there. Check them out!

Hermès Parfums, Eau de Citron Noir
Hugo Boss, Bottled Oud Saffron
Guerlain, Habit Rouge Dress Code
Dior, Dior Homme Sport Very Cool Spray
Issey Miyake, Or Encens
Cartier, Heure Voyageuse Oud & Menthe
Louis Vuitton, Ombre Nomade
Gucci, Guilty Cologne
Trussardi, Riflesso
Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue Sun

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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