Palazzo Versace, A Summer Experience Like no Other

Staycations, spa treatments, sophisticated tea gatherings and relaxing pool days… That’s what the palazzo Versace experience is all about! In fact, you would never think that a summer experience could last until the end of the year, but this haven makes everything possible while offering the ultimate luxury in a hotel stay.

Whether you’re gifting yourself or your loved ones, Palazzo Versace has some offers in store for you. Luckily for you, you can get them all from the comfort of your own house, via its “Gift an Experience” portal. Now you might think that a hotel stay is not too precautious when it comes to taking the right precautionary measures during the COVID19 pandemic, but worry not as the hotel is on top of its game when it comes to safety. In fact, guests are required to wear PPE masks all the time, temperature will be checked through a thermal scanner prior entering the pool, visitors and pool users are to maintain a 2-meter distance at all times, groups of maximum 5 members can be seated together and a 4-meter distance should be maintained between 2 groups, guests and visitors should bring their own towels, not to mention the prevention of guests visitors with underlying medical conditions, respiratory illness, or chronic disease from entering the pool area.

Now that we’ve assured you about your safety, you can start choosing your experience. From the Ultimate Stay and Drive Experience that speaks to thrill seekers and luxurious cars lovers, to staycations in Versace-designed rooms, spa and pool access, High Tea at Mosaico and Pool Day Pass, the experiences are quite diversified – which makes Palazzo Versace THE place to be for some memorable moments.   

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