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Oui, All We Need is Dior

As if Dior’s creations aren’t already amazing enough, the beautiful English actress and model Cara Delevingne – face of Dior – made us fall in love even more with the brand through the new video of their latest released creations of “Oui” collection – the French translation of “yes”. With her sense of humor and cheerfulness, she took our breath away as she introduced us to Dior’s new beauties.

And this collection has it all! We’re talking about rings, a bracelet, a collar and earrings available in yellow and rose gold, plus they are adorned with some diamonds’ charm which was the cherry on top that made them just perfect! But after all, we don’t expect anything less as Victoire de Castellane always manages to amaze us with her masterpieces.

So how about we stop telling you about it for now and you take a look with your own eyes at the collection’s marvels as you enjoy the fun-filled video starring Cara Delevingne!

Je T’Aime ring
Oui bracelet 
Oui collar 
Oui ring 
Toi & Moi earrings 
Toi & Moi ring

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