Oud Perfumes – Our Latest Favorites

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Oud is the note that took the olfactory world by storm and we can’t but notice the charm that it casted on our taste in fragrances. With nearly all beauty brands presenting this precious, Middle Eastern ingredient in a swooning exotic perfumes, all tastes are satisfied.

Yes, all tastes! Whether you like strong perfumes or usually go for light scents, oud was interpreted in so many ways that ensure every woman gets her share of its beauty. Mixed with floral notes for an unparalleled feminine appeal, paired with crisp citruses that add a one-of-a-kind freshness to it or blended with heady woods that further enrich it, it has proved to be captivating in all its forms.

From Cartier to Guerlain, Dior, Jo Malone, Bvlgari and many more perfumery houses, we’ve got quite a selection of all-time favorites to share with you and get you in the mood for oud this Eid!   

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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