Nothing Stops Dior from Reaching out to us

I have never been more thankful for digital services! They usually make things easier, but during this lockdown, they can definitely be considered as lifesavers. Thanks to them, we can still go shopping, meet the family and do all the things we used to enjoy on a daily basis.

You probably know by now that Dior is on top of the list of the Houses that are reaching out to us during this crisis. The French House is pampering us with different services; from the exhibition on its YouTube channel, to the home spa tutorial, the Beauty e-commerce platform and so much more, Dior is always there for us.

And as a new initiative, the French House launched a new digital boutique for UAE residents. This pop-up store has a display that is so charming with all the pink and metallic grey shades, and is celebrated by a new exclusive capsule collection that is now available for purchase. In addition, this virtual shop is home to some amazing accessories, ready-to-wear marvels, alongside Baby Dior’s amazing creations designed by the talented Cordelia de Castellane especially for Ramadan.

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