New to Orchidée Imperiale: The Amazing Radiance Essence-in-Lotion

After the launch of the amazing Microlift Serum a couple of months ago, the Orchidée Imperiale family is welcoming a new member: Radiance Essence-in-Lotion. This beauty marvel combines two of Guerlain’s high-end technologies that were born after intensive researches dealing with carefully selected orchids. Both the “Orchid Noble Light Technology™” and the “Cell Respiration Technology™” were used in the making of this new creation, giving it a texture like no other. The latter energizes your complexion, makes it firmer, brighter and hydrated with lightness and freshness.

Give your skin the radiance it deserves, as you add this amazing lotion at the beginning of your beauty routine along with the other Orchidée Imperiale creations.

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