Natural Deodorant

When I was pregnant I became very mindful of the types of products I was using. Probably the biggest change I made was switching my deodorant to a more natural one. I admit these don’t always do the job and sometimes don’t smell too great but you can use them knowing that you aren’t putting harmful chemicals in your pores. The main issue with regular deodorants is that they block your pores from sweating using aluminum.

So what do you do? You can either test out different brands of natural deodorants or make your own at home. Ingredients like, lemon, baking soda and salt are surprisingly pretty effective. Alcohol and witch-hazel are also great for keeping the area clean and dry. Boscia is a brand that you may have tried for skin care but they actually make a natural deodorant made from charcoal. Coconut oil is also another option but remember it’s a pretty personal choice since the coconut oil isn't highly effective.
I love getting scented ones like vanilla and other essential oils because it just makes me feel more fresh. Baby powder is also another great option. Whether you try out natural deodorant or not just think about what you are putting on your body in general. 


Aline Agopian

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