Nathalie Harb and BMW Add Their Touches to Dubai Design Week

At the 2023 edition of Dubai Design Week, the Urban Hives (UH) by Lebanese Nathalie Harb made its UAE debut in collaboration with BMW and under the care of the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI). This innovative, multifaceted initiative adds different layers of nature to urban landscapes and transforms public hard-surface areas, such as parking lots, into community gardens through the application of a cost-effective modular structure, which yields numerous environmental, social, and cultural benefits.

With BMW being a leader in automotive sustainability – and its involvement in the Urban Hives project clearly underscores their dedication – this initiative embodies its holistic approach to mitigating the planet's environmental issues as a company driven by a committed duty: to search for innovative solutions, adopt new perspectives, and rethink conventional approaches whether by designing the cars of today or choosing the materials of tomorrow. Hand in hand with Nathalie Harb and her visionary project, BMW will play a pivotal role in driving positive change in urban environments, promoting sustainability, and showcasing innovative solutions for a more environmentally conscious world.

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