Narciso Rodriguez Shakes the Olfactory World by Releasing “all of me”

Marking a bold new era, Narciso Rodriguez Parfums introduces “all of me”, 20 years after the launch of “for her”, a fragrance that changed the landscape of modern perfumery forever. This new olfactory marvel is a prismatic fragrance that reinterprets femininity for a whole new generation, a celebration of individuality and self-expression, a fragrance for a new movement of empowered and free-spirited women who explore their own truth and confidently embrace all that makes them unique.

Designed for women who command their own narrative, Narciso Rodriguez chose to make it floral from the very beginning. And since he was obsessed with the idea of a rose, he took it as a starting point: “I kept dreaming of a rose – the most beautiful rose, yet an abstract rose.” So, to bring this special perfume idea to life, he collaborated with the renowned perfumers Dora Baghriche and Daphné Bugey. As a result, a scent that completely reinvents the floral fragrance family saw light. The talented and creative women were inspired to create a floral fragrance like no other by combining the iconic scent of a rose with a quintessentially masculine ingredient – geranium, traditionally not used in feminine perfumery. In addition to this rose-geranium accord, the fragrance is built around a second fundamental facet: a creamier and enveloping evolution of the rare Egyptian musc-inspired accord that sits at the heart of every Narciso Rodriguez fragrance. In fact, 6 different musc notes are blended together, each one bringing a distinct dimension to the scent – a softness, a luminosity, or a rich, woody texture. However, in order to reach the dreamt-up outcome, milky notes were fused with these muscs to create a new creamy sensuality that completely reinvents the signature Narciso Rodriguez musc.

To perfectly bring everything together, an elegant bottle, conceived and sketched by Narciso Rodriguez himself, comes with its geometric yet curvaceous appearance to symbolize the many facets of each individual woman. A true work of art at every turn!

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