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Nada Ghazal Opens Doors of Opportunities

With the launch of her new collection “Doors of Opportunity”, not only did Nada Ghazal charm us with new marvels, but also told an inspiring story worth admiring. Channeling the belief in the magic of new beginnings, she was inspired by the symbolism and beauty of doors, archways and locks, often seen as having huge spiritual importance and as a gateway between one life moment and another. In fact, she had a memorable encounter with a charming house with a beautiful old turquoise door in its garden that she stumbled upon when she made a significant move from Lebanon to London motivated by her vision to expand Nada Ghazal Fine Jewellery on a global scale. With the overwhelming sense of magic she felt at that moment, she became sure she was on the right path. After that, the door became a poignant symbol, embodying her unwavering openness to embrace transformation and seize new-found opportunities and we can see that through the collection’s name and novelties.

Featuring auspicious symbols and precious stones that represent blessings of transformation, inner strength, spiritual enlightening, luck, prosperity and love, each of the designs made in 18K brushed gold and precious gems carries profound blessings, serving as a reminder of our innate ability to craft opportunities and shape the course of our lives. It’s all part of the journey that founder and Creative Director Nada Ghazal is setting on in hopes to ignite inspiration, encouraging the wearer to embrace the allure of new beginnings and seize the moment in the most distinguished way.

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