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Mother & Daughter – Pre-Wedding Moments to Cherish

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Preparing for your wedding is most probably the most stressful task you face – before getting married and starting out a family, of course! Therefore, your mind and soul will thank you for having the best family members and friends a bride-to-be could wish for, right there by your side.
That said, there’s always one person who makes everything better and she’s been there for you since before you were born. Yes, we’re talking about the superwoman in your life AKA, mom.

A few months before you move out and start a journey of your own with your better half, this wonderful woman will be more than happy to share your many moments and help you get things right like she has always done. Here are some tasks that will be better achieved with her by your side. So here’s what you need to do:

- Once you’re engaged, take her out for a beautiful dinner and ask her for her help. She would be beyond happy to oblige.  

- Let her come with you to all your appointments. This will make her heart tingle, as she realizes that her opinion really matters.

- If your mother kept her own wedding dress, she would be so happy if you too wore it on your special day, and needless to say, she wouldn’t mind if you made a few changes to it!

- If you feel like your mom has always been your best friend, you can also make her your maid-of-honor. This will definitely mean the world to her!

- Before the big day, make some time to find her a gift that she would love and offer it to her as a “thank you” for everything she has done for you.

- Finally, on your big day, let her help you get ready. We are sure she will shed a few tears but rest assured, these are the tears of joy!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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