Mistakes You’re Making When Getting Dressed

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Many of you might be thinking “Mistakes? What mistakes?”. Well gents, if these thoughts have come to your mind, than odds are you are making a couple of mistakes here and there. But that’s not a problem as long as you keep in mind that fixing them can go a long way.

The thing is, men’s style mistakes are much less obvious than those of women – from wearing transparent bra straps with strapless tops to wearing tunics on top of jeans and so much more. With that in mind, a lot of men actually go wrong when styling their clothes – or not styling them, for that matter. So what are the most common mistakes men are making when dressing up? Here are some of the most cringe-worthy and obvious ones…

  1. Thinking that tight clothes will make them look thinner. Abort mission. If it’s accentuating your man boobs, then it’s a size smaller than what you should be wearing.
  2. Thinking that oversized clothing a la Eminem is still in. It’s not and somewhere in the world, a rapper from the 90’s is looking for his clothes.
  3. Doing up all the buttons of a shirt. How will you ever breathe?
  4. Not doing up enough buttons. Don’t forget, people don’t want to stare at your chest hair!
  5. Wearing trousers that are too short or too long. The thing is, once you buy a suit, you should definitely get it tailored to your own measurements.
  6. Tucking in a casual tee. We’re not in an 80s Connecticut country club!
  7. Allowing anyone to see your underwear. It wasn’t attractive back then and it’s not attractive now.
  8. Wearing something shiny or sparkly – unless you’re wearing patent brogues with your tuxedo, then please, NO!
  9. Thinking that going overboard with accessories can elevate a look. It can’t, it won’t, and don’t try to make it happen.

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Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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