Meticulous Artistry Behind the Savoir-Faire of the J’Adior Pumps

For as long as we can remember, human kind has resorted to the wear of classic pieces In fact, there are many beautiful pieces that are and will always be at the forefront of the “classic” level. With that “classic” in mind, Maria Grazia Chiuri for Fall 2019, reintroduces Dior’s J’Adior pumps, but this time around, they come with her magic touch. 

The reinvented pumps are adorned with the moniker white "J'Adior" ribbon, revealing a pair of fabulously black embroidered shoes. Speaking of, the pumps require no less than 230,000 embroidery stitches using a unique and innovative technique. But that’s not all, as for the first time ever, they’re made using a single, seamless piece of fabric - exactly like the shoes that Dior custom-made for Chiara Ferragni for her wedding. Considered as the expression of the couture savoir-faire in the House’s ateliers, this style in particular takes more than 9 hours to produce.

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Don’t Forget Your Chunky Boots

I feel pretty oh so pretty…stomping into winter with fabulous combat chunky boots! Yes ladies, we’re in the midst of the 21st century and nothing spells out “Feminine” more than a fabulous pair of chunky boots. Because who needs labels anyway?

The great thing about chunky boots is that they’re so versatile, they probably look gorgeous on any outfit you might wear, from micro shorts and skirts to baby doll dresses, midi-skirts and surely, trousers! But what is it about these comfortable boots that makes us want to buy the first pair we spot? Could it be the great feeling of power lent to its wearer? Or maybe the sweet memories of the nineties pending over our thoughts? Whatever it is, it’s successful enough to make us buy the whole array of styles! For a more nuanced look, pair yours with a pair of denim jeans, a chunky sweater with statement sleeves and top it all off with a mysterious bucket hat.

Here are 10 styles to get you started!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Glamorous Bags to Match Your Modest Look

Have you ever had a bag so fabulous you didn’t know what to do with it? Or better yet, have you ever worn an outfit so modestly glamorous you didn’t know how what to style it? Same.

There’s something about a perfect outfit that begs for simplicity, but in the most elegant kind of ways. A modest outfit prides itself with minimalism and ease, all the while putting into sight the wearer’s unabashed glamor and femininity. But more often than not, there’s always one little detail that could make or break the outfit, and in this case, it’s the ever-so iconic bag. And so the only obvious thing that comes to mind when picking an outfit is the accompanying purse, bag or clutch. That said, it doesn’t matter what size the bag is, its color or its style, as long as it is well in line with the outfit in particular. From shiny bags to more discrete ones, we’ve chosen the most trending bags right now that would go perfectly well with your modest choices.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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It’s All About XXL Totes

When it comes to bags, size does matter. Lately, all we’ve been hearing about is Gigi Hadid’s absolute adoration of micro-sized bags. And while we think they’re adorably glamorous, there’s nothing like having to carry an oversized tote à la Mary Poppins. After all, it’s all fun and games with these micro bags until you really have to make room for your important stuff – and yes, miscellaneous receipts, lost in the depth of your wallet, really areimportant. 

With that in mind, we’ve come to find that the bigger the bag, the bigger the heart. True story. Ask the industry’s biggest designers! Stella McCartney sent out models with colorful XXL bags, while Dior was home to a slew of gorgeous big-sized totes – amongst other designers. 

Of course, you don’t have to go overboard with your bag and fill it up with your entire neighborhood, but we know a couple of things that you wouldn’t want to live without, from your makeup kit to your big new wallet and everything in between. So join us in this journey as we show you the best XXL totes out there, will you?

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Chopard’s Happy Must-Haves

Diamonds are there to always make women happy and what actually make them happier are dancing diamonds! Exuding joy and elegance, Chopard’s Happy Diamonds collection - which is available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons - makes the heart of every woman who wears these playful creations skip a beat. With every new selection of pieces that Chopard unveils under the name of Happy Diamonds, elegance gets redefined and jewelry proves once again to be a reason behind the smile of a sophisticated woman who never misses the chance to update her jewelry box with novelties.

In addition to carrying a message of love and joy, Chopard’s new Happy Hearts and Happy Hearts Wings jewelry pieces earn their place as the house’s new talismans of happiness, accompanying the modern woman through her daily adventures and drawing a smile on her face with nothing but a simple look at them every now and then.

One heart became a bouquet of hearts – spreading even more love through a necklace that embraces your neck with elegance. The same goes for the earrings, in which the heart has doubled to leave one resting against the earlobe and another positioned beneath the ear. More freedom and lightness is expressed through the new Happy Hearts Wings pieces – which bring together three hearts to create a butterfly effect.

With these novelties, Chopard proves once again that “Little Diamonds Do Great Things”. Join us and check out the new “happy” must-haves.

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Warm Oversized Scarves

Have you ever owned a scarf so big you could have easily slept in the warmth of its fabric? Well ladies, starting this season, you’ll all be proud owners of one of these luscious scarves. It’s not only a matter of comfort, but it’s also a matter of pulling off something so big yet so minimalistic.

With the “oversized” craze gaining huge momentum, one couldn’t help but wonder how far would the industry go. Would it stop with XXL totes? Oversized jackets? Oversized jeans? Just as it seems, fashion connoisseurs will stop at nothing to prove to us that everything oversized is – to put it lightly – in. And while scarves have a way of adding this je ne sais quoi to any outfit, you can only imagine the effect of oversized scarves on your silhouette. Pair yours with a maxi coat, a pair of mom jeans and ankle boots to seal the deal!

To help you out, we’ve scoured the highs and lows to find you the perfect oversized scarves to match your oversized heart!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Statement Sunglasses

When we say “sunglasses”, we don’t mean just any sunnies. We’re talking bold, vibrant and out-of-this-world sunglasses. We’re talking daring shapes, psychedelic colors and up-and-coming styles.

One thing we more often than not fail to understand is that we don’t need to wait for summer to shop for new sunglasses. Technically speaking, our eyes need as much protection during the cold season as in the summer, especially if we are huge fans of skiing and weekend getaways in the mountains. For the past few years, we’ve been witnessing a lot of funky new styles, from heart-shaped ones – we’re looking at you Saint Laurent – to oversized ones and cat-eye shapes. But if you really want to ace the sunnies-game, you really have to pay attention to the specific details that come with your face shape and what highlights it best. Once you figure the shape out, all you need to do is pick the right color for your skin-tone, the style that best complements your face and you are golden!

Here are ten sunnies that will make you want to forget all about summer styles.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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