Meet the New Member of CHANEL’s SUBLIMAGE Family

The new CHANEL SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de Nuit night cream works on resynchronizing the skin, thus giving you a feeling of lightness and comfort. And since we can’t always manage to get a good night’s sleep, this beauty wonder renews the skin’s ability to completely revitalize and repair itself, acting like we got one. In fact, this is mainly possible thanks to the Vanilla Planifolia’s active ingredients that are present in three active fractions in it.  

To get the best results, start your skincare night routine with these steps: after removing your makeup and preparing your skin with your “SUBLIMAGE La Lotion Suprême” lotion, it’s time to resynchronize your skin’s essential functions by applying the life-changing “SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de Nuit” cream.

And of course, needless to worry about leaving a trace on your pillow as CHANEL also has that covered with the cream’s light coat!   

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