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Meet Hublot’s New Global Ambassador, Chiara Ferragni

Challenging the impossible, Hublot tapped Chiara Ferragni as its new global ambassador and face of its global campaign. The influencer is joining the Hublot family along many legendary personalities such as football legend Pelé, tennis world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, track and field champions Dina Asher-Smith and Usain Bolt and three Michelin star chef Clare Smyth.

Commenting on this achievement joining her portfolio, she said: “Why Hublot? Because Hublot is not like any other watch brand, it follows its own distinctive path, with determination: It follows its dreams of innovation, while respecting traditions; it seeks beauty both inside and out, by showcasing much more than athletic performance or the success of a family member, it celebrates the reasons for this performance and success, in other words, the ability to be first, different and unique. Hublot’s messages and values speak to me, that’s why I have chosen to join this family today. A fusion of passion and determination has shaped who I am, across all my roles, and forged the businesswoman I have become. This same fusion has also made Hublot the company it is today.”

A businesswoman, an entrepreneur, an influencer, a wife and a mother of two, she is an inspiring success story in every possible way. First, unique and different – just like Hublot, she left her mark on the world and with her personality of a dreamer, she earned her special place in the brand’s family. Starting from the Big Bang Millenial Pink limited edition of 200 pieces and its inclusive message, the two worlds came together and we’re enjoying every little bit of this adventure!

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