Master TikTok’s Sunburn Blush Trend with Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is here to give you memorable summer vacations documented with the best beauty looks perfectly fit for your TikTok and Instagram. And with the help of its Regional Brow Artist, Yara Ayoob, things are the easiest as they’ve ever been since you are two steps away from a perfect makeup look.

TikTok’s Sunburn Blush trend requires 2 to 3 dots of Benefit Cosmetics’ Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain on the apples of both cheeks and 2 dots on the bridge of the nose. However, note that you should start blending the ones on the nose first with your soft brush. Then with a blush brush apply Crystah, the new wonder from Benefit’s Wanderful World Blush collection, in a W shape over the bridge of the nose and on the apples of both cheeks making sure that you cover the whole area.

Can it get any easier?

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