Master the Art of Wearing Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the perfect accent to masculine elegance. Believe it or not, these little gems can easily take your look to a whole new level when wearing a classic formal suit. Whether you’re choosing a pair for a day at the office that requires a formal look or ones for a black-tie event you’re attending, styling them perfectly is essential. So, here are some tips!

1 – Cufflinks are generally for formal occasions, except for silk knot or fabric cufflinks which can be worn to informal events such as summer outings.

2 – The material from which the cufflinks are made reflects the formality of the occasion. Leave the ones made of precious stones like diamonds, opals and rubies for white-tie events and wear those that are simply designed and made of gold or silver for normal formal occasions. As for a day at the office, the ones made of titanium, enamel or glass work just fine.

3 – Don’t choose a pair of cufflinks that is overly ornate because it will overshadow your look instead of accentuating and adding a touch of formality to it.

4 – If you are not into formalities, don’t hesitate to choose a statement pair of cufflinks that reflects your hobby. Yes, we mean something similar to those race car cufflinks your car-enthusiast friend treated himself to!

5 – When choosing a cufflink, you should also pick a color that exists somewhere else in your outfit, such as your tie, the pattern of your shirt or your handkerchief.


Mirella Haddad

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