Marrakech Rich from Whind Should Be Your New Best Friend

Getting a beauty marvel that makes your skin feel AND look better at the same time is a dream, a dream that Whind made true with the launch of its new product “Marrakech Rich”. Inspired by the radiant lights of Marrakech, this cream is more than a moisturizer thanks to its luxurious whipped formula that helps it provide our skin with supercharged nourishment and hydration. And it being lightweight enough to wear during the day, under make-up and in any weather doesn’t mean it’s not rich enough to quickly address skin dryness and dullness. In short, this wonder cream has everything it takes to ensure a daily glow whatever your skin type is.

After applying your toner and serum, and with an upward motion, massage the wonderful “Marrakech Rich” onto your skin. And for an ultra-nourished, sun-glossed glow, follow with Marrakech Light Illuminating Glow Oil. That’s what we call a perfect complexion!

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