Make Way for the Dior West Boots

Cover Photo Courtesy of Piotr Stoklosa

The Dior Cruise 2024 line echoes the House’s Mexican inspirations, especially the Dior West boots. This piece comes with an elegant promise and an assertive allure reflecting meticulous leather work. Black and featuring a Butterfly motif delicately embossed using a high-frequency technique, it is shaped by the artisan's virtuoso gestures and adorned with subtly contrasting brown insets that make it ever-so-unique.  

A symbol of exceptional craftsmanship, this accessory reinvents the Dior style. Completed with the "Christian Dior Paris" signature in gold lettering, while its hand-tinted finishes exalt the excellence of the House, it is also available in a high-end version, magnified by a multitude of embroidered pearls on the front.

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