Make a Beauty Midnight Wish with Dior

In a women’s world, one thing’s for sure: beauty brings happiness and that’s exactly what Dior’s festive makeup collection is for. Entitled Midnight Wish, the collection will bring you joy, enchantment and everlasting love through the dearest elements to your heart; makeup products.

This season, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup Peter Philips grants you the wish of being beautiful in your own way. Interpreting the theme of Christian Dior’s lucky star, this collection is all about versatile and powerful femininity.

Dramatic brown, chic red, heavenly silver and soft pink, along with an array of audacious colors and textures, bring the promise of a sparkling season filled with beauty and charm – à la Dior, of course.

As for now, we bring you the promise of renewing your makeup collection and finding the best gifts for your loved ones. So, join us in the Photo Gallery and start picking!

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Lush Bath and More

I have walked by the Lush store at the mall so many times but have never checked it out.

I recently needed to buy a gift for a friend and noticed they had the cutest gift sets, so in I went. I learned that all their products are made from fruits and vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics. They even have kid friendly products.
If you have never heard of Lush before, they are known for their bath bombs.
What’s a bath bomb you might ask? Well basically, it’s a ball about the size of a tennis ball that you throw into a tub of water to have an amazing bathing experience.
Not only does it look really cool when it melts in your bath, but it comes in so many different scents and colors.
They also have skincare and basically anything you need in a shower. One of the coolest products I found was a bar called a Scrubee. It’s kind of like a bar of soap but as you rub it all over your skin, it exfoliates all your dead skin cells.
Whether you are shopping for a friend or for yourself, go nuts!


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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Keep Your Beauty Light with These 9 Foundations

Cover Photo Courtesy of CHANEL

Some of us have absolutely no problem wearing a heavy foundation all day long in order to look perfect, while others favor lightweight products that feel like a second skin. If you belong to the second group, we’re so glad to tell you that you have fallen on the right article!

Light foundation is one with sheer coverage that leaves your skin glowing and healthy-looking. Unlike full and medium coverage foundations, it can be applied with your clean fingers, which makes it a perfect solution for the beauty routine hassle every morning. Well, it’s also important to mention that this beauty wonder is perfect for women living in the Gulf, as this region’s humidity hits its highest levels during the summer and will certainly make wearing foundation more annoying than ever.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that lightweight foundation can’t be long-wearing. Believe us, with the choices that we’re providing you, your morning makeup routine will become easy-peasy!

Say hello to the true no-makeup makeup trend with these 9 lightweight foundations that are worth investing in.

CHANEL, Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint
Giorgio Armani, Maestro Fusion Makeup Foundation
Benefit Cosmetics, Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation
Estée Lauder, Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup
Dior, Backstage Face & Body Foundation
Becca Cosmetics, Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation
NARS, All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
Charlotte Tilbury, Light Wonder Foundation
Photo Courtesy of
Lancôme, Skin Feels Good Foundation

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Beard Oil – the New Men’s Must-Have

The world is recently witnessing a major comeback for the beard. Almost every man has tried sporting a beard, and most of them really fell in love with it, so much so that they can’t let go of it. However, growing a beard needs care – and it’s pretty intensive one might we say. Luckily for you, this major comeback was accompanied by an extensive range of products that will make your beard look better than ever and one of them is the wondrous beard oil.

Whether your beard is light or heavy, this product is rich in non-greasy and nourishing oils that are strongly needed for a healthy one. In fact, beard oils condition the hair, reduce itching and moisturize the skin. And by conditioning the hair we mean that it strengthens it and improves its growth while taming flyaway strands.

With this in mind, using a few drops of this beauty marvel is a must and we’ve gathered a list of 9 beard oils that take your beard care to new levels. Check them out below!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Gucci, Gucci Guilty Absolute beard oil
Lab Series grooming oil
Tom Ford beard oil
Bearded Chap beard oil
Acqua Di Parma beard serum
Prospector Co., Burroughs beard oil
D.R.Harris & Co. beard oil
Burberry, Mr Burberry beard oil
Le Labo beard oil

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Thierry Wasser Recreates Guerlain’s Cuir Intense in Words

No one can depict the spirit and character of a fragrance better than the creative mind behind it, and for Guerlain’s latest fragrance “Cuir Intense”, the captivating scent comes alive again through the words of its creator, master perfumer Thierry Wasser. Luckily for us, Azyaamode got the chance to sit with this skillful perfumer and unfold the mystery of this new beauty marvel.

How can leather become a scent, might you ask? In fact, Thierry Wasser unveils the secret of “fragrancing” leather. On another note, he also talks about a few more topics such as the “Absolus d’Orient” collection in general, the first leather notes created in the beauty industry, the influence of a certain region on a fragrance, as well as the Middle East’s role in the perfume world.

Dive more into Guerlain and Thierry Wasser’s world by watching this video!

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No Cake Makeup

First off let’s be clear on what “cake” make up is. It’s pretty much when you see someone wearing tons of powder over their makeup. It might make the skin look flawless in a photo, but in real life it’s a major no-no. This thick and heavy foundation is almost like a mask over your natural beauty. We know that sometimes flaws like acne scars and redness can make you feel insecure, but there are ways of covering things up in layers to get the same coverage, yet make it look like you’re not wearing tons of makeup.

Good makeup starts with good skin, so if I know I am going to wear a full face of makeup, I make sure to exfoliate either that morning or the night before.
I like the CLINIQUE Exfoliating Scrub because I know it’s made of products that aren’t going to break me out or cause any type of reaction. After moisturizing and priming your skin with a product that is right for your skin type, you are ready to start applying your foundation. Huda Faux Filter Foundation has great coverage, but has that pretty flawless look. You can either use a brush or your fingers to apply, but just make sure to blend and even it out. The most important step in not looking cakey is the powder. Look for words like translucent powder and not foundation powder. The finer the powder the less likely it will look cakey. For example, instead of using the Nars All Day Luminous Powder Foundation, you would use the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder Translucent Crystal. Last but not least, set it with Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray.


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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Let’s Make That Tan Last Longer!

Summer is that time of the year where your skin gets sun-kissed until it takes that priceless and wonderful golden color. However, this tan won’t last forever and you should be prepared emotionally to bid it farewell. That said, it’s still too early to talk about this, so let’s find you a way to make it last longer!

  • Moisturizing is essential for all your skin problems – and for making your tan last longer as well! For desirable results, opt for body butters and silky oils that will really nourish your skin. After-sun creams are also a miraculous way to hydrate your sun-exposed skin on a daily basis.
  • While a peal is very important before tanning, it’s something you should avoid after you get a tan to make it last for a longer time. In fact, if you do decide to go for a peal, bear in mind that it will strip your skin of its sun-kissed glow!
  • Avoid using extremely hot water while showering, because the latter will strip your skin from its natural oils which causes it to dry out.
  • To keep your skin supple and well hydrated, use a moisturizing shower cream.
  • Drink water to keep your body – and skin – hydrated.
  • If you feel like your tanned skin lost its glow, lend it a helping hand by using an illuminating body lotion or oil. Such a great and easy way to give it a boost of radiance!
  • Make sure you tan gradually. Don’t expose yourself to sun for a whole day, as a lot of sun exposure will cause great damage to your skin. Be patient, beauty is not easy to achieve so plan for a 1-hour tanning every other day and indulge in the final result!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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