Louis Vuitton’s Latest Leather Goods Addition, a New GO-14 Bag

Unique in Louis Vuitton’s history of leather goods, the GO-14 bag has a lot to tell about the past while writing the future. It brings together entwined passions: a designer’s inspiration, a trunk-maker’s secrets, and an artisan’s ingenuity, as both a commencement and a culmination. This new addition to the House’s leather goods is one of Nicolas Ghesquière’s first designs reimagined in 2023 in full spirit with a unique characteristic: malletage. The latter, bouncy and infinitely soft, graces today’s GO-14 with its presence giving this generous, sensual padded lambskin bag an additional touch of glamour. With overstitching highlighting the design’s curves and cushiony feel, it comes in every shade, from the starkest black and white to the diluted, nuanced, toasted shades that reveal the subtleties of its texture.    

This versatile marvel will officially hit stores on August 25 as the new iconic bag of Louis Vuitton. What makes it a must even more is the fact that it can be worn in many different ways to match every mood: on or over the shoulder with its new jewel chain as supple as a gold necklace; on the arm or handheld, as the chain can also be doubled thanks to a brand new groove system; or held by the handle that reaffirms the bag’s position as a classic. In short, the GO-14 exudes sophistication at all times no matter how you decide to wear it or style it.

Cover: ©Asia Typek
Making of: ©Piotr Stoklosa

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