Looking Stylish During Winter Guaranteed with These 6 Tips

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For some reason, looking stylish during the cold season remains a hard task to achieve – or so we think. Winter clothes might only look cozy but when styled the right way, we assure you we can make this happen! So, ladies, here are some timeless tips to keep in mind when styling your look for the colder months.

Invest in a statement coat – no matter how simple is your outfit, a statement coat can take your entire look to a whole new level and make you look fashionable in the easiest of ways. Think a long piece brought to life through bold colors or prints to enliven your style and keep you warm at the same time!

Master layering – this trend never gets old. However, it’s somehow tricky to master it without looking exaggerated. One way to go is to top a white shirt with a chunky knit that’s slightly shorter, then add to them a mid-length coat that completes them in terms of color and style. Paired with a skirt, a pair of pants and nice boots, you will certainly nail this one.

Consider hats, gloves and scarves as your winter accessories – these pieces are always on trend and not only do they add some flair to your outfits on cold days, but they also keep you warm. Need we ask for more?

Play with textures – regardless of the seasonal trends, mixing between different textures makes your outfit look modern and fashionable. During winter, many are the fabrics that can be paired together – think denim and leather, velvet and tweed, to name a few. 

Fall in love with faux fur – for the bolder ladies, faux fur can be a great option to add a stylish touch to your look, besides the fact that it can be paired with anything – yes, anything! Wear a faux fur coat with sweatpants, a knit and a pair of chunky boots for a laid-back look, or with a pair of denim pants and a white blouse for a casual one, or even with an evening dress for a stylishly extravagant night out.

Get yourself some statement boots – if you’re not a fan of going beyond your comfort zone in fashion, never underestimate the power of statement boots. Pick a style that truly makes you feel like yourself and enjoy wearing it all winter long. From animal prints to bold colors, unconventional heels and many more, these essentials come in a wide array of models that will cater to your needs.  

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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