Let’s Go Shopping with Louis Vuitton!

Every year during Ramadan, we receive beautiful gifts, accompanied by heartfelt wishes and we are showered with endless blessings. However, this year is special; no, I’m not referring to the trying times the world is going through but to the great news Louis Vuitton announced: the House is launching a local e-commerce platform especially for the United Arab Emirates.

Not only are we now able to shop for various LV marvels – from ready-to-wear pieces for men and women, leather goods, shoes, accessories, watches, jewelry, fragrances and so much more – but also, we now have a backdoor to the House’s world where we can explore its marvels in a very distinguished way. Because of this opportunity, we are now also able to enjoy pre-launches and exclusive collections.

Currency, languages, stamping, engravings, customer service and every little detail is taken care of in order for us to have the best shopping experience ever without even to leaving our homes. And all of this comes as no surprise with Louis Vuitton, since the House never misses the chance to amaze us!

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