Let’s Celebrate Ralph Lauren Purple Label’s 25th Anniversary

Who said the festivities are over? With Ralph Lauren Purple Label’s 25th anniversary, the celebrations are still on as the House released its Fall 2020 amazing collection for this very purpose. Mr. Lauren has always packed a statement with his suits which were custom-made even before he started his company, showing us one more time his attention to details.

Needless to state how special the collection is, especially that it is inspired by Mr. Lauren’s personal suits from the 90s, his never-ending passion for English tailoring and the colors of his car and motorcycle collection. In other words, Mr. Lauren’s touches are all-over these fashion beauties making them just ideal whether with the utilized original English fabrics or chosen patterns and stripes. These creations are the perfect combination between comfort, softness, suppleness, naturalness and classiness of course – what more would a man want? The distinguished color palette raps it all up with the amazingness of each of the brown, navy and olive, the collection’s main colors.

Ready to feast your eyes on some of these special suits?

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