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Let Topaz Do the Talking This November

Cover Photo Courtesy of Boucheron

What could you gift your November ladies or yourself this year? Well, let us tell you something: nothing will beat an exquisite jewelry piece adorned with a lustrous topaz to perfectly celebrate their birthday. Besides being the birthstone of the month of November, this gemstone is a world of colors in the true meaning of the word.

From blue to yellow, green, white, red, pink, purple, orange, brown and grey, the gem’s color range is exceptionally rich. However, the 2 most popular hues are blue and golden yellow, while everything in between them is quite rare. And the most valuable of them all is the “imperial topaz”, which stands out by its intense, reddish orange hue.

Leaving the blue topaz for those who are born in December, here are our picks for the glamorous November ladies in your life!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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