Let Nature Reflect Its Beauty through Your Dress

Cover Photo Courtesy of Maison Makarem

Nature has always been a major part of the fashion world through its beautiful elements, whether as a source of inspiration or as a design itself. From stars to beaches, a couple of blooming flowers or a whole garden, animal prints, feathers, or floral prints, a scene from nature can unfold in endless ways to take our breath away. And when it chooses dresses as its canvas, things seem like they can’t get any better. Fit to welcome the new season as warmth gets closer and closer to fill our hearts and wardrobes with blooming energy, dresses with nature unraveled on them will always have a special way of stealing the show.

Short, midi, or long, flowy, tight, or asymmetrical, each dress has its charm to cast. And since we always make sure to give you a broad idea that covers almost every style, we gathered a rich selection that will definitely inspire you. This way to the Photo Gallery…

Article Written by Gabrielle El Kosseifi

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