Lend a Helping Hand This Eid

This year, with everything taking a different turn, Eid won’t go without celebration! Between exchanging gifts and spreading lovely vibes, charity comes along during Eid Al Adha. In fact, it’s not as hard as you might think since thanks to technology everything seems to be just one click away. For instance, you can check the accounts that we thought of sharing with you to help you take part in achieving the cause you feel closer to your heart.

Make this Eid Al Adha different in a good way and reach out for the ones in need!

Article Written by Gabrielle El Kosseifi

IQRأ Youth Organization

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This organization offers educational resources for children affected by war and poverty in the Middle East. That’s not all as it also distributes food boxes and most importantly, it shares hope.

Slow Factory

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This foundation is dedicated to improving sustainability literacy in fashion. It develops products and resources for both the industry and the consumers through a human-centered approach.

Hashtag Support Small Business

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We’ve seen this little blue house around on Instagram and it has introduced us to many amazing businesses. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or places to eat, #SupportSmallBusiness will help you find the perfect business to support.

Beit El Baraka

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With the increasing cost of living in Lebanon, Beit El Baraka helps around through food, medical support and many other ways, especially hard-working citizens who retired and families in financial distress. As poverty continues to increase, your support is needed now more than ever.

Qatar Charity

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Through Qatar Charity you can make Eid Al Adha really special. Donating is very simple as everything is categorized, explained and simplified. Check your options and donate to the cause that represents you the most – sponsoring orphans, donating money or clothes, and many other initiatives.


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Inspired by the Corona crisis, the team of Bridgeaid wanted to help the world by connecting donors and NGOs in times of crisis. This application helps you select an NGO or nonprofit organization of your interest and takes you to its website or donation page.

Al Jalila Foundation

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This non-profit healthcare organization is dedicated to changing lives through medical education and research. With different projects going on, a challenge was launched #Eid2EidChallenge especially for this year’s Eid Al Adha.

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

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Through the foundation’s website or Emirates Charity application, you can reach out and help those in need. We are talking especially about women and children – as its name suggests – who are subject to domestic violence, abuse, and human trafficking.

Alwaleed Philanthropies

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Working with NGOs, governments and leaders, the organization spreads its arms around the world through different projects. Their projects are goals oriented to make the world a better place, in other words they don’t work with individuals on personal levels.


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Dumyé which name is the Arabic word for ”doll”, is all about spreading good in the world. By helping them out, not only do you give more children the chance to get their hands on beautiful toys, but also you contribute in a bigger goal which is showing compassion.
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