Karen Wazen Launches Debut Eyewear Collection

You’ve heard about her, you’ve seen her unabashed style everywhere and you’ve even stalked her. International digital influencer Karen Wazen has sure made a big name for herself in the luxury industry and is now taking on a whole new endeavour.

Yes ladies, brace yourselves for Karen Wazen Eyewear, the style icon’s debut eyewear collection, which is by the way, available online now. But before you rush to buy your own pair of dazzling shades, allow us to let you in on more details.

The mom of three developed the collection as a reflection of her own style, fashion philosophy and personal taste and the eyewear line is promised to be as dreamy as ever!

“I created this collection keeping in mind what I’d personally love to wear, but also what I would love to see every woman wearing, to reflect the different aspects of her personality and mood. The collection features some styles that are smaller and more edgy, and others that have a more universal appeal. What I want more than anything is for women to understand that these styles are for everyone, you just have to dare to wear them! It’s so important to me that women understand styles like this aren’t only for the ‘super cool’, or ‘super fashionable’ girls; these are for everyone. They’re a confident accessory that brings out your own power and sense of style,” says Karen.

Comprised of five styles, the collection features classic cat-eye silhouettes, futuristic styles and nineties’ shapes with an array of colors that will make you swoon!

Want to own one of these unique sunglasses? The collection is sold through Karen’s own e-commerce platform ( and, wait for it, with international shipping!

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Celebrate Love with Bvlgari’s Latest Accessories Collection

Meet Bvlgari’s newest Valentine’s Day Accessories collection, also known as the Electro Love Collection. Indeed, the brand is spreading the love this season with a collection that combines both the intensity of a romantic affair with the electronic vibes of love at first sight.

And so, each of the new bags in the collection features a pierced heart charm that can be detached. The marvels come in richly-colored calf leather with contrasting colors along the sides – the red hue conjuring passion, while the blue hue recalling electricity of love at first sight.  A heart motif makes a repetitive appearance, taking shape as a mini wallet and credit card holder as well. Bvlgari celebrates the month of love with another Serpenti Soft Heart bracelet, yet another outstanding Valentine’s Day gift. Designed to encircle the wrist, it features a passionate kiss between the snake and the heart, with a striking design instantly communicating a spellbinding message of love. Need we say more?

Actually, we do. A Shelley Silk Scarf completes the Electro Love Collection, covered with hearts, arrows and the Serpenti head, while the interior mirror of the Serpenti Electro Love bag is customizable with a hot stamping technique, where customers can add a variety of symbols, letters and emojis to the bag.

This Valentine’s Day, pamper your loved ones with Bvlgari’s bold and intense Electro Love Collection and help spread love, the Bvlgari way.

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Introducing Giuseppe Zanotti’s New Collaboration with Rita Ora

We love Giuseppe Zanotti and we love Rita Ora. But we’re head over heels in love with the duo’s collaboration, also known as Giuseppe for Rita Ora. Indeed, the new footwear collection by the Italian fashion designer and the British singer will be launching on January 24th, bringing forth nothing less than pure genius.

So get this; Giuseppe’s iconic design codes perfectly blend with Rita Ora’s signature style, channeling all things sultry and powerful. Think street cred mixed with fine Italian craftsmanship and feminine power. Think fierceness mixed with seductiveness.

“It was a dream and pure joy to work with Giuseppe. Like any creative endeavor, it’s fundamental to partner with someone who shares the same vision and energy. Giuseppe’s imagination is boundless and together we created shoes that embody self-empowerment, self-love and just the right amount of grit,” says Rita.

“Music has always been at the center of my design ethos,” commented Giuseppe. “The music world is an endless source of inspiration and Rita, with her extraordinary mix of sensuality and strength, proved to be a very powerful muse.” 

That said, the designer has had a fruitful past with some of the world’s most acclaimed artists for world tours (Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Rihanna), album covers (Cardi B, Beyoncé) and even special branded collections, including most recently Jennifer Lopez and Zayn Malik. And so, the story between the British singer and the acclaimed designer first started back in New York City last year.

So how would Giuseppe describe the capsule collection? “I wanted to create a series of styles that represents the three different facets of Rita: glamour, effortlessness and cool,” he said.

But that’s not all, as the power duo will be celebrating the collection with a launching event at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills on January 24th, 2019.

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Bottega Veneta Presents the “Customization Atelier”

If there’s something Italian brand Bottega Veneta can pull off – apart from pure fabulousness – it’s the exhibition of its crafting expertise and knowhow. And what better way to do so than with a bespoke service also known as the “Customization Atelier”?

Indeed, it’s at the heart of its flagship boutique at The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue that the brand unveils the display of over 100 pieces, celebrating the house’s exotic leather goods – all of which are best portrayed through a special set-up inspired by the Atelier in Montebello Vicentino, Italy.  

A unique shopping experience propels visitors into the brand’s largest exhibition of precious women and men’s bags, small leather goods and luggage, allowing them to choose from an array of exotic skins and iconic styles to create an individualized bag.  

Have we gotten your attention yet? If so, head to the boutique at the Dubai Mall to revel in this experience, from November 8th until November 17th. Happy Shopping!

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Bvlgari Unveils Collection of Made to Order Handbags

Bvlgari has launched a little something called “Made to Order”, also known as a new service dedicated to its most sophisticated handbags. As a brand known for its vibrant creations and bold approach, Bvlgari has always had a thing or two for exquisite craftsmanship and an artisanal approach to leather. That said, these exclusive customizable masterpieces are crafted in the House’s accessories atelier in Florence and are ultimately recognized as one-of-a-kind jewels.

Indeed, through these customizable creations, Bvlgari empowers women to express themselves in their own special way, by sporting unique personalized looks. Clients will be able to revel in ultra-luxe exotic skins and the softest nappa leathers in one too many gem-inspired colors, and combine them with jewel-like details. To top it all off, they’ll also get the chance to customize Bvlgari’s iconic Serpenti Forever handbag, where each snake head is crafted with the ancient lost wax technique and where color combinations with matt and shiny finishes are readily available. A special version in full pavé diamonds makes for an exceptional accoutrement. Also, the internal tag can be personalized with the client’s name or with a special date.

The Made to Order service allows customers to choose from a number of color options, so that bags can be one, two or more shades.

The tailor-made bags will be created by a designer from the Bvlgari atelier who will begin with a hand-drawn, full-color rendering of the bag. After four to six months, the unique piece will be delivered, wrapped in a customizable cotton dust bag and box.

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Gucci Opens New Store at Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall

All Photos Courtesy of Gucci by Altamash Urooj

We didn’t think Dubai Mall’s Galeries Lafayette could get any better, until leading luxury brand Gucci announced the opening of its new store at the heart of the department store, specifically on its ground floor. Spanning over 2397 square feet, the boutique features a full array of women’s accessories, from luggage to handbags, shoes, small leather goods, eyewear and fashion jewelry.

The aesthetic of the boutique demonstrates itself in a calm and sophisticated way, inviting customers to participate in a shopping experience like no other. With soft elements like velvet and leather armchairs perfectly balancing off harder surfaces and industrial elements, the interior design of the space harmoniously represents the House’s vision. Traditional and modern elements come together as a nod to Gucci’s eclecticism, exploding in a canvas of different design codes and contrasting merchandising elements.

So get this; an unexpected combination of materials shines through marble polychrome – with a three-dimensional effect on the floor – lavishly blending with functional cement, while round tables stand out from rectangular ones. To top it all off, the luscious velvet walls beautifully surround velvet chairs, layered vintage rugs and pale pink boiserie, giving understated drama a whole new meaning. If you ever find yourself strolling through the new boutique, don’t be surprised if you decide to set up camp there – at least we won’t. But don’t just take our word for it, sift through the Photo Gallery below and see snippets of the new boutique.

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The Secret of Schiaparelli

For the very first time, Schiaparelli is unveiling a handbag carrying all of women’s secrets. Meet the Secret of Schiaparelli, a contemporary expression of a woman’s bag made out of intricate craftsmanship, top-notch materials and a padlock.

That said, the padlock is a moniker Schiaparelli symbol featured in the House’s collection since 1931. This time around, it’s featured in the new design in a golden decorative and functional way, as a means to protect precious content, but also to symbolically preserve from the evil eye in some cultures and to be a token of love for others – true to Elsa Schiaparelli’s superstitious nature.

So picture a graphic, sleek and strong bag made in France using the most traditional techniques and savoir-faire. Better yet, picture a sophisticated design with timeless lines and exquisite detailing such as the House’s shocking pink inside stitching, a cream nappa lining, the “S” letter subtly engraved on metal studs and Schiaparelli’s lucky number “4” as a leitmotiv.

We all have our hidden agendas; so why not store them in a little place called the “Secret of Schiaparelli “?

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