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You’ve heard about her, you’ve seen her unabashed style everywhere and you’ve even stalked her. International digital influencer Karen Wazen has sure made a big name for herself in the luxury industry and is now taking on a whole new endeavour.

Yes ladies, brace yourselves for Karen Wazen Eyewear, the style icon’s debut eyewear collection, which is by the way, available online now. But before you rush to buy your own pair of dazzling shades, allow us to let you in on more details.

The mom of three developed the collection as a reflection of her own style, fashion philosophy and personal taste and the eyewear line is promised to be as dreamy as ever!

“I created this collection keeping in mind what I’d personally love to wear, but also what I would love to see every woman wearing, to reflect the different aspects of her personality and mood. The collection features some styles that are smaller and more edgy, and others that have a more universal appeal. What I want more than anything is for women to understand that these styles are for everyone, you just have to dare to wear them! It’s so important to me that women understand styles like this aren’t only for the ‘super cool’, or ‘super fashionable’ girls; these are for everyone. They’re a confident accessory that brings out your own power and sense of style,” says Karen.

Comprised of five styles, the collection features classic cat-eye silhouettes, futuristic styles and nineties’ shapes with an array of colors that will make you swoon!

Want to own one of these unique sunglasses? The collection is sold through Karen’s own e-commerce platform ( www.karenwazen.com) and, wait for it, with international shipping!

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