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Jude Jewels, a Proof that Dreams Come True

When you see a 10-year-old little girl launching her own jewelry brand, you can’t but be inspired. Jude Adnan Safieddine proved to us that dreams can come true through her “Jude Jewels” marvels. With her mother by her side inspiring and supporting her, she turned her surroundings into masterpieces. From her mother’s love for medallions and icons to her passion for colors, Jude shed the light on her country’s amazing creativity, bringing out the best of Lebanon for everyone to admire.

With pearls, diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones, Jude’s jewels come to life in different shapes and colors that are all handmade. It all started with charming icons that were followed by the الله collection and other beautiful creations that are popping now and then with different sizes so that mothers and daughters can wear matching jewels. And for this Holy Month of Ramadan, new creations have also been released for us to sparkle with!

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