It’s Time for Gucci’s Trip to the Stars

This time of the year becomes more special with Gucci as the House releases new Nojoum marvels as another expression of its refined aesthetic and contemporary savoir-faire. The House took the light coming from the night sky during this special time as its source of inspiration and made it shine through rich fabrics, shimmering details, and intense hues reminiscent of colors of precious stones. All these were perfectly turned into sophisticated silhouettes of gowns, matching sets, and reinterpretations of the House’s signature accessories for both women and men.

With a selection including ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, luggage, and accessories, Gucci takes us on a new trip to the stars full of exquisite patterns, intricate embroideries, and golden finishes. Gucci’s Nojum collection is available in select stores and on waiting for you!

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