It’s All About that Shimmering Highlighter on Your Cheeks

Cover Photo Courtesy of Dior

This season, highlighters are totally in and although choosing the right highlighter might be a hassle, it’s absolutely worth it – believe us! In fact, nothing beats the charm of that slight shimmer on your cheekbones, and knowing which shade works for your skin tone is essential to pack this statement.

For those with pale or light skin, it’s better to use a silver or lilac highlighter, which will help brighten it and give it a lift in a natural and healthy way. Medium skin tones call for a peachy or rose gold tone that enhances their warmth while creating a glowing effect. As for the women who have olive skin, we recommend avoiding any shade that is too cool and opt instead for warm champagnes and pink hues. Last but not least, warm highlighters are made for those with dark skin, on which bronze shades ensure a fresh and glowing look.

With these tips in mind, join us to check out our list of highlighters that will help you look your best this season!

Dior, Flash Luminizer in Pearly Gold
Guerlain, Terracotta highlighting stick in Bronze
Too Faced, Diamond Highlighter in Canary
Available at Sephora
Hourglass, Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick in Pink Flash
Available at Sephora
Charlotte Tilbury, Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand in Pink
Sephora Collection, Glow Stick in Moon Light Shimmer
Becca, BFF Glowletters
Available at Sephora
Dior, Backstage Glow Palette

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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