Integrative Beauty by CHANEL

The story starts with Gabrielle Chanel who found fashion and beauty destined to serve the allure of each woman. Her comprehensive vision of women gave rise at CHANEL to a unique and integrative approach to creation in the service of beauty. She liberated women's bodies and minds by providing comfort and movement, simplicity and elegance, strength and confidence. As a result, the concept of Integrative Beauty was born at CHANEL as a continuation of the holistic vision intuitively imagined by Gabrielle Chanel. Nourished by the past, linked with the present and looking to the future, it is at the same time a state of mind, a way of presenting ourselves to the world, where women’s well-being, in both body and mind, is fulfilled in harmony with their environment. It develops fluidly, from idea to creation, from knowledge to know-how, from terroir to active ingredient, from raw material to sensual pleasure, and from self-care to wellness, in both body and mind, all in tune with an evolving world.

According to CHANEL, Integrative Beauty is also essential – conveyed by a culture of minimalism, it is stripped of all superfluous elements to fulfill women’s desires – guided by an expert and virtuous approach – based on the expertise of its scientists, as well as the know-how of its artisans and its partners, all connected, throughout the world, to serve the excellence of CHANEL creations – and it unites people by incorporating essences from plants cultivated in unique ecosystems using virtuous methods.   

In short, CHANEL’s beauty creations are building a bond with women.

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