Indulge in Noura Sulaiman’s Debut Collection

Noura Sulaiman started with just a few designs here and there for friends and family members until she reached one of her higher goals and launched the first collection of her brand. Taking into consideration contemporary Saudi women like her, her collection includes limited edition abayas, jackets and dresses that reflect her femininity in the most artistic of ways. She makes the blend of classical silhouettes with architectural details a piece of cake. And as a result, the creations make for a true reflection of the wearer’s elegance.

Women aren’t the only lucky ones who got pampered with Noura’s amazing pieces, because men got their share of her magic as well. The collection also includes timeless menswear vests inspired by a design she initially created for her brother. However, they also bring together classic cuts with contemporary touches that make them the perfect creations for today’s men.    

You can find the beautiful creations of the talented Saudi designer on

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