In the Mood for a Spring Break?

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Spring is right around the corner, and the only thing you’re probably thinking of is how to catch a break away from your daily chaos. And we all know that travelling is one of the activities that show you the best sides of yourself and make you the happiest while clearing your mind from the stress and pressure.

Many destinations could swoon you this season and allow you to indulge in the wonderful spring weather away from the heat of the Gulf. To help you find the perfect place, here are 5 destinations to take into consideration.

Cannes, France
When we say Cannes, the first thing that comes to mind is its much-anticipated film festival. If you happen to visit this gem located in the south of France, not only will you get to experience luxury at its best, but you might as well meet some celebrities. 
Tokyo, Japan
In Tokyo, the end of winter is marked by the blooming of cherry blossom trees and people celebrate it with a ritual they call “banami” – which means “looking at flowers”. Pick up your lunch and enjoy eating it in nature.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
In April, tulips bloom in Amsterdam and fill it with color. And if you happen to be there on the last Saturday of the month, you’ll get to celebrate King’s Day – which is the official birthday of the monarch and you’ll indulge yourself with amazing food at the huge flea markets.
Glasgow, Scotland
Considered the country’s capital of culture, Glasgow is house to the Scottish Opera, the Scottish Ballet, the National Theater of Scotland and many museums and galleries. Visit this cultural haven in April before it gets filled with tourists.
Copenhagen, Denmark
If you want to plan a trip for March, consider Copenhagen at the beginning of spring. Foodies would love this city and visiting it during this month makes it easier for them to find tables at top restaurants before peak season. 

​Article Written by Mirella Haddad
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