Ice: The Best Skin Secret

We all love a beauty secret, right? The best part about this is you have it in your freezer. I recently heard someone talk about how their mother did this every morning. It sounded like a great idea especially now, because it’s so hot out. So what does putting an ice cube on your face do and why haven’t I tried this before? I guess I never tried it because I thought maybe my skin is too sensitive, but it’s actually the contrary. I always get some sort of redness on my face especially if my diet has been a mess and this actually calms it down and it makes total sense.
When you ice your face, it boosts blood circulation which we all know makes you look plump and pretty. Apparently, Koreans have this well-known thing called an ice facial and it sounds so cool, literally!
Next time you get a pimple you can put some ice on it to help with the inflammation and redness.
Ever wake up after a salty dinner and your eyes look super puffy? This is the perfect remedy for your eye area.
Another great benefit is shrinking down your pores. I know when you wash your face you should do a splash of cold water at the end to make sure the pores close up, but ice would take this to the next level.
Head to your freezer in the morning ladies! It also sounds like an awesome way to wake you up!


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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