How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Smokey Eye Look

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When it comes to beauty, every woman puts on her best to look as perfectly as she can be. And one of the elements she should choose carefully is the mix of eyeshadow colors that will help her achieve the ideal smokey eye look. So, here are some tips that will help you!

Your eye color is the first thing you should take into consideration. Brown eyes are in fact a mix of all primary colors, so any shade would look good on them – from eggplant to deep copper colors like gold and bronze, electric hues of royal blue and of course, black. Green eyes call for warm shades of taupe, any purple hue and mauve pink, so make sure to avoid dark green shades and to use black or brown to smoke them up! If your eyes are blue, we recommend you opt for a peachy grey brown, champagne or silver hue and stay away from bright colors. And for those who are blessed with hazel eyes, burgundy, deep fuchsia, yellowy brown and mushroom grey are all colors that will highlight their beauty. And to create your smokey look, use black, dark brown, dark purple or deep blue.

Your skin tone is the second element to take into consideration. While those with fair complexions should avoid using silver and highly-pigmented bright colors and stick to sheer shades for a natural look, those with an olive skin tone should opt for brown, olive, bronze, burnt oranges, beige and any earthy color. On the other hand, dark skin color works perfectly with richly pigmented, warm shades such as deep bronze or burgundy.

Last but not least, your hair color also plays an important role. While blonde hair looks best with grey, pink, black and blue eyeshadows, purple, green, brown, black, gold, copper and neutrals are ideal for brown hair and gold, olive green or purple shades work perfectly with red hair color.

So, which colors are best for you?


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