How to Achieve the Best Beauty Looks from the Red Carpets

Cover Photo Courtesy of Dior Makeup

This month brought with its exciting red carpet events a handful of makeup looks that are worth exploring. From the Met Gala to the Cannes International Film Festival, the red carpets were filled with beauty looks that will definitely make you feel excited about discovering the way to achieve them.

While the Met Gala opened our eyes on how beauty can take a funky turn with each celebrity packing a statement in her own way, Cannes brought to light another kind of beautiful, and presented looks that can inspire every woman for her next occasion. With this in mind, we have gathered some looks from both events to explore and guide you through the way to get them. Choose the one that expresses your character the most.

Lady Gaga’s Met Gala 2019 Beauty Look by Marc Jacobs Beauty
  • Prep the skin with Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel Crème. The latter will allow you to skip using foundation thanks to its immense moisturizing properties.
  • Use Accomplice Concealer & Touch-Up Stick to hide imperfections.
  • Top it off with Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder to achieve a flawless glow.
  • For quick touch-ups, use The Face II – Sculpting Foundation Brush No. 2.
  • For the lips, use Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in Flaming-oh! and top it off with Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick in Sweet Escape.
Bella Hadid’s Met Gala 2019 Beauty Look by Dior Makeup
  • Contour your face using the light shade from Dior Backstage Contour Palette in #001 Universal.
  • Apply Dior Rosy Glow in #001 Petal to the cheeks.
  • Highlight your features with the white and gold shades from the Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette in #001 Universal.
  • Fill in your eyebrows with the Diorshow Brow Styler in #001 Universal Brown.
  • Make up your lids with the Dior 5 Couleurs in #140 Twilight.
  • Use the Diorshow On Stage Liner in #096 Matte Black to create a dramatic winged liner.
  • Add a couple coats of the Diorshow Waterproof mascara in #090 to your lashes.
  • Line your lips with the Dior Contour in #434 Promenade and fill them with the Dior Lip Glow in #001 Pink.
Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala 2019 Beauty Look by Marc Jacobs Beauty
  • Even out your skin using Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Accomplice Concealer & Touch Up Stick in 36 Medium and use the lightest shade of this product – 10 Fair – to highlight the brows and create contrast.
  • Create a matte finish using Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder in 54 Muse.
  • Apply Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Air Blush Soft Glow Duo in Lush & Libido 500 on the apple of your cheeks.
  • Create a dramatic eye look using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Crayon Eyeliner in Fine (wine) and the Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Scandalust.
  • To achieve the bright pink on the center of the eye, use the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in (Pop)ular and top it off with the Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Provocouture.
  • Brighten the inner corner of the eye using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in (N)ice.
  • Apply the Marc Jacobs Beauty Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Crayon Eyeliner in Big Eyes to your waterline.
  • Finish off your eye look with the Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Primer Epic Lash Primer applied to the bottom lashes and the Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara applied on the top ones.
  • Contour your lips using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Poutliner Longwear Lip Pencil in Currant Mood 308 then fill them using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Boy Gorgeous 222.
Selena Gomez’s Cannes 2019 Beauty Look by Marc Jacobs Beauty
  • Prep your skin with the Marc Jacobs Beauty Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel Crème.
  • Perfect your complexion with Accomplice Concealer & Touch-Up Stick in L23.
  • Top it off with Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder in Siren 52 to achieve a flawless glow.
  • Warm up your skin with O!Mega Bronzer Coconust Perfect Tan in Tan-Tastic! And Air Blush Soft Glow Duo in 506 Flesh & Fantasy.
  • Apply a light layer of See-quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow in Flashlight on your lids.
  • Create a precise bold wing liner using the Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Blacquer.
  • Apply a few coats of Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara on your lashes.
  • Finish off the look with Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Oh Miley 200.
Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Quick Summer Makeup Routine Day to Night

When it’s hot out, less is definitely more, so please don’t wear layers of makeup that will slowly melt off.

With that said here is a simple and quick routine.
Start off with Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15; I like using the TAN shade to give me some color. 

Next, apply BENEFIT COSMETICS Majorette Cream-To-Powder Blush on cheeks.

Then, fill in your brows and apply mascara.
On the lips, apply TOO FACED Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick in Child Star.
This is a clean simple barely there look.
Now let’s switch to night time by adding a few steps.
First, add a little concealer to the under eye and lids; URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer can be applied with your fingers or the wand.

Then, go over your face with a fluffy brush using LAURA MERCIER Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow.

Move on to eyeliner; make a tiny line at the bottom outer corners of your lash line and some in the water line as well. 
Re-apply your blush and lipstick, and you are good to go!


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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It’s All About that Shimmering Highlighter on Your Cheeks

Cover Photo Courtesy of Dior

This season, highlighters are totally in and although choosing the right highlighter might be a hassle, it’s absolutely worth it – believe us! In fact, nothing beats the charm of that slight shimmer on your cheekbones, and knowing which shade works for your skin tone is essential to pack this statement.

For those with pale or light skin, it’s better to use a silver or lilac highlighter, which will help brighten it and give it a lift in a natural and healthy way. Medium skin tones call for a peachy or rose gold tone that enhances their warmth while creating a glowing effect. As for the women who have olive skin, we recommend avoiding any shade that is too cool and opt instead for warm champagnes and pink hues. Last but not least, warm highlighters are made for those with dark skin, on which bronze shades ensure a fresh and glowing look.

With these tips in mind, join us to check out our list of highlighters that will help you look your best this season!

Dior, Flash Luminizer in Pearly Gold
Guerlain, Terracotta highlighting stick in Bronze
Too Faced, Diamond Highlighter in Canary
Available at Sephora
Hourglass, Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick in Pink Flash
Available at Sephora
Charlotte Tilbury, Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand in Pink
Sephora Collection, Glow Stick in Moon Light Shimmer
Becca, BFF Glowletters
Available at Sephora
Dior, Backstage Glow Palette

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Morning Skin Care Routine/Summer Edition

I feel like we are all naturally more beautiful in the summer since we are happier and full of sunshine, therefore my summer morning skincare routine is pretty simple.
It starts off with a gentle yet effective cleanser. I gently apply BOSCIA Clear Complexion Cleanser all over my face and let it sit for a minute then rinse it off. It feels very refreshing. Speaking of refreshing, I follow this with SHIFFA Floral Facial Toner to prep my skin for all the goodies. This is also my favorite step as I close my eyes, take a deep breath and have my 5 seconds of peace and quiet. I then apply my Vitamin C followed by my sunscreen.  

SHISEIDO Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion WetForce Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50+ is my current favorite.
On to the lips; I like to use the CAUDALIE Lip Conditioner so that by the time I put on my lip color my lips are nice and hydrated.

Eye cream is so important, but so is protecting the eye area from the sun that’s why sunglasses are a must. That said, ORIGINS A Perfect World™ Age-Defense Eye Cream with SPF 20 is the perfect first step before the sunglasses. I also drink a glass of water with lemon, coconut water or a green smoothie and get my summer day rolling.

Article Written by Aline Agopian

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Clean Makeup Brushes… the Right and Easy Way!

We know, makeup brushes tend to become super gross, and even then, we’re either too lazy to clean them, or we just simply keep forgetting to do so. If this is the case with you, it’s time to give them a good, nice cleaning! Now you’re probably thinking about the load of work that awaits you, but sit back and relax as we’re going to give you some tips that will take care of your dear makeup brushes and, we’ll show you how damaging it is for your skin to keep using a dirty makeup brush over and over again!

  • Start off by running hot water on each brush individually.
  • Dip it in a bowl containing gentle shampoo and gently rub it with your fingers for a few minutes. I know, this sounds tiring but it’s actually good for your expensive brushes, as well as for your skin!
  • Afterwards, run some water on them again for another minute.
  • Some brushes take more time to become sparkling clean, so don’t hesitate to repeat the process.
  • If your brush is clean to perfection, squeeze out the water from it and let it dry on a towel by laying it flat. Avoid at any price stacking your brushes on top of each other in order to let them dry properly and keep the weird smell at bay.

Last but not least, when investing in good brushes, opt for synthetic ones as they are low-maintenance, easy to clean and long-lasting.


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Summer Gets Fresher with These Scents

Cover Photo Courtesy of Burberry

After telling you about the summer’s latest fashion and accessories trends, it’s time to find you a fragrance that makes your summer fresher than ever! So gentlemen, get ready for an adventure that’s all about refreshing notes and citrus-y ingredients that will get you through the heat of the day in an unparalleled feeling of lightness.

While winter brought you warm scents that made you feel cozy in the cold weather, summer does just the opposite. As the sun comes out and the temperature rises, you’re bound to start your quest for the perfect summer scent that adds the ideal refreshing touch to your stylish look. Yes indeed, your outfit is not all about what others see, but rather more than what meets the eye; it’s also about how you feel about yourself and that’s the most important thing. After all, nothing can make your summer more comfortable and enjoyable than a unique feeling of freshness.

Therefore, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a list of the best fragrances for summer out there! Whether you like your perfume to be as light as light could be or featuring some woody hints that makes it a tiny bit oriental, we’ve got your back.

CHANEL, Allure Homme Edition Blanche
Acqua Di Parma, Blu Mediterraneo Chinotto di Liguria
Burberry, Mr Burberry Indigo
Gucci, Guilty Cologne
Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue Sun
Versace, Versace Man Eau Fraîche
Tom Ford, Neroli Portofino
Cartier, Heure Voyageuse Oud & Menthe
Dior, Homme Sport Very Cool Spray
Bvlgari, Opalon
Trussardi, Riflesso
Comme des Garçons, Amazingreen
Hugo Boss, Urban Journey

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Give me some Vitamin D!

Why would you ask for vitamin D? Just hang out in the sun, and you’re good, right? Wrong!

Chances are you are lacking Vitamin D (unless you are a lifeguard or poolman). Unfortunately, since we spend so much time indoors nowadays, people of all ages and yes even our babies, all need an extra dose of Vitamin D. Now don’t go out and buy it unless you have done a blood test confirming it, but don’t be shocked at the results when you actually get a test done.
So, what does Vitamin D do and why do we need it? Let me start off by saying I am not one to pop vitamins left and right, but this is one I take every single day and took throughout my pregnancy as well. I also give it in liquid form to my daughter every day. I can get all scientific on you, but in a nutshell it’s good for your bones. It also helps with cell growth, your immune system and reduces inflammation. I know what you are thinking, can’t I just eat it? Well there are only a few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D; fatty fish, beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks and some mushrooms. While yes, these are things which are probably found in our diet, especially the cheese, chances are we still aren’t getting enough. So, go get that blood test, and let your nutritionist or doctor give you the Vitamin D you need. Added bonus of Vitamin D? It reduces depression and helps you lose weight. 


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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