How Dior’s Amazing D-Academy Loafers Come to Life

Cover Photo Courtesy of Federica Livia

Dior has always kept its ateliers’ doors open, not missing a chance to give us access to the magic behind the scenes. Today’s tour introduces us to the savoir-faire procedure of the amazing D-Academy loafers from the Dior Ready-to-Wear Fall 2023 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri. This marvel combines comfort and refinement, exalting the excellence of the House, especially with the "Goodyear" effect-stitched soles and hand-dyed finishes. 

More than shoes, these loafers celebrate the fundamentals of timeless elegance through their classic lines twisted with a hint of audacity. They reflect the French House’s exceptional savoir-faire that comes to life in the ateliers with the artisans’ infinitely precise gestures while they cut out the different pieces of brushed leather, assemble them, and then add the resin tassels adorned with the "CD" initials in gold letters.

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