Home Office 101

After everything we have been through, we now understand how important it is to have the perfect work corner at home. It used to be that, once we came home from a long day at the office, we just wanted to use our space to unwind and do all the fun, relaxing and unrelated-to-work stuff. But we’ve come to learn, that a home office is quite necessary. Enter your inner interior decorator! So here are some tips to make your home office blend perfectly well with your décor.

-  Choose a calm corner of your house for your office, away from outside noise, and far from your kids’ play area. This will be the first key factor to being productive.

- To make that space timeless, opt for a minimalist design while taking into consideration your preferences and your home’s style.

- Avoid over-charged decorative objects because they might be a source of distraction. Dedicate this space for work essentials such as speakers, your laptop, a printer, a scanner, the desk and cabinets.

- Bring the joy of outdoors inside by decorating your office with greenery. Plants actually bring a subtle source of life to your home office and adds color to the space – which makes you more comfortable and consequently, more productive.

- Avoid setting your home office in a dark corner. Since your tasks are mostly achieved during the day, take advantage of the natural light and set your office next to a window.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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