Happy Feet – The Best Sandals for your Little Darlings

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Oh July, the month of adorable sundresses, funky headbands and – wait for it – happy feet. And by happy feet, we mean unique sandals that can take your kids through the mesmerizing vibes of summer in sheer style and cuteness.

As an integral part of any human’s wardrobe, sandals feature one too many styles, from slides to gladiators and so much more where that came from. And thankfully, kids don’t have to get a pedicure in order to flaunt their little toes – because let’s face it, whatever they do, they’ll always look as adorable as ever. To top it all off, kidswear trends always catch on the quickest, as there isn’t that much effort to be put it in to their wardrobe department. Luckily, the colors are endless and the variety even more so. All you have to do is pick out the perfect outfit that can be elevated by summery sandals and you’re golden!

So mamas and papas, behold the 10 must-have sandals that will earn you the title of “parent of the year”. You’re welcome!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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