Hair and Salt water at Home

In these trying times, let’s stay positive and take advantage of our time at home and talk about beauty. Unless you have a sore throat, adding salt to water doesn’t really make sense, right? Well it does when it comes to your home water system. Sounds easy right? Not so fast because we need a professional to install this.

What are the benefits, and is it worth it? The salt added to the water is actually very little and “soft water” does not actually taste like salt water. Calcium and magnesium are actually taken out of the water, and these two are usually the culprits for soap scum or white residue in your shower.
So can you drink this water? No, this water is not for drinking it is only for showering, washing hands etc, laundry and dishwashers. The soft water actually is good for your appliances because they will function better and last longer.

My personal experience with this has been a good one overall. My hair and skin feel softer and my clothes seem to never fade from washing. The only negative thing that I finally figured out was the life span of my Brazilian Blowout. I noticed that every time I washed my hair it would get curlier and curlier. Although, I always use sulfate free shampoo, I finally realized that the salt water was the issue! So if you or someone in your home get the keratin treatment on their hair just be aware that you will have to get them done more often.

Article Written by Aline Agopian

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