Gucci’s Kids… Finally Back To Kuwait!

If you’re a mama in Kuwait, have we got news for you? The great luxury brand - Gucci is reopening its children store in Kuwait, 360 Mall! But, it’s not a simple store, it’s a huge playroom! And starting the 10th of September 2019, you can visit it and see for yourself.
The moment you step inside, not only do you get to explore this amazing section of Gucci’s designs, but you become a child too. Between the decorated mirrors, the unique wardrobes, the vibrant walls and the amazing display cases, the store is full of motifs from the flora and fauna world, full of patterns, and full of colors. Thus, you can easily notice that the shop has kids’ traces of imagination.

From the carpets to the fabric and wallpaper, each and every element of the shop is catchy and gives the visitor a must needed boost in a kids-like world.

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