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Givenchy Spring-Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear

With Claire Waight-Keller, it’s always about elegance in its purest form. Yet we always seem to forget that elegance comes in more ways than others. In Givenchy’s case, for instance, said “elegance” is a melting pot of contrasting elements, from urban vibes to botanical ones, from ancient to new. And so, the talented designer introduced a line chockfull of “poetic lightness” and “summertime memories” – all of which beautifully contrast with its contemporary outlook. High-neck blouses are paired with slouchy trousers while double-breasted leather coats are given a more raw appeal with a soft color palette. Blazers are mixed with denims and dresses have come alight with the magic of the botanical world – but none of that compared to the lightness of the fabrics and the way shapes and movements intertwine to create greatness. There was one leather set that comprised a green-cropped top paired with a matching midi skirt while a reserved high-neck blouse was completed with a high slit denim skirt. Subtle yet forever sophisticated – just like the designer would want it to be.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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