Givenchy-Kids Launching on

Everything becomes more beautiful when it enters the children’s world, as the latter sprinkles its cuteness and charm on everything – no exceptions. This time, it managed to put its spell on Givenchy as they launched their latest kids’ collection. But it was no regular launch since is involved. The French House chose this particular online platform for their collection reveal, making it even more special.

Offering a mix of elegant, chic and iconic attires, the collection answers all your questions – and will definitely save you a tantrum attack in the morning because your kids will love it more than you do. Needless to mention its high quality or creativity because, hey, it’s Givenchy we’re talking about!

Aren’t you thankful that Hubert de Givenchy left his hometown for Paris to follow his passion, thus making history in the world of fashion? We sure are! Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some of the collection’s best creations. Let the amazing creations do the talking themselves!

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