Givenchy Announces Ariana Grande as Its New Face

A house like Givenchy needs a strong, independent woman who takes its style to new heights through her refreshing personality and her strong presence. And so, with that in mind, the French house announces the multi-talented Ariana Grande as the new face of Givenchy.

She’s modern and a star who speaks to the young generation. Her achievements made her one of the most influential personalities of today’s pop culture. With her mystery and impertinence, the Grammy award-winning star will certainly not fail to embody the spirit of the Givenchy woman in the most natural of ways.

“I am so proud to be the new face of Givenchy. It is a House I have forever admired and to now be part of that family is such an honor. I love the clothing and the confidence and joy it brings to the people wearing it. Not only is the clothing timeless and beautiful but I'm proud to work with a brand that makes people feel celebrated for who they are, and unapologetic about whatever they want to be,” she stated.

So ladies, stay tuned as the full Givenchy Fall-Winter 2019 campaign starring Ariana Grande will be unveiled in July!

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Adorable All-in-Ones

Cover Photo Courtesy of

More often than not, our children’s wardrobe reflects our own style and choices and that’s why it should be very well taken care of. That said, mastering kidswear trends can be difficult enough, especially if your kids tend to throw a tantrum every morning when it’s dressing time.

But that’s where overalls – all-in-ones, jumpsuits or playsuits – come in handy; they’re the kind of clothes you choose on a very tiring day, you know, the one where nothing seems to be working. To top it all off, when it’s so hot you can’t even breathe or when you’re too lazy to think, overalls can be just the perfect solution to put an end to your worries. Forget about the matching process, about making sure your kids love them or any other issue for that matter, because all-in-ones are your answer this year for a relaxed sunny season. Thankfully, designers such as Chloé, Stella McCartney, Zimmermann and so many more have treated us with ah-do-rable jumpsuits for your little darlings. Don’t know which one to get? Check our own selection of the best all-in-ones and pick your favorite!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Dress like a Milkmaid

You know those dresses and tops that make you look like you’re leaving the city for good to find the ultimate simple life? Yeah, they’re back. It’s not so much about looking like you’ve just come back from an afternoon at the farm milking cows, as it is about pulling off a trend that seems to contradict all masculine vibes you’d already picked off.

You’ll probably know it’s a milkmaid trend if there are ruffles, printed cotton-voile, poplin dresses, squared necklines, puffy sleeves, corset details and a galore of off-the-shoulder looks. And you’ll probably know it’s in if you’ve already had a déjà vu from all the Instagram feeds you’ve stumbled upon. This ultra-feminine trend is not one to be undermined, as its authenticity and simplicity is what makes it one of the most up-and-coming trends out there – all of which are reason enough to drop everything you know and make yourself comfortable in one of these gorgeous milkmaid pieces.

So vegan friends, brace yourselves for some dairy-free, head-turning ruffle-infested fashion!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Karl Forever – A tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Cover Photo Courtesy of Olivier Saillant

It was just this year that the great Karl Lagerfeld passed away, leaving behind a legacy of fashion, art and luxury. And so, on the 20th of June, the Houses of CHANEL, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld joined hands to pay tribute to the late designer and artistic director. The event was designed, directed and staged by Robert Carsen and celebrated the many facets of Lagerfeld himself through a series of videos filmed throughout his life. Testimonials from people who knew him, “live” contributions of highly talented actors, musicians, dancers who interpreted some of the music and literature Karl loved so much were all part of the celebration.

To top it all off, actresses Tilda Swinton, Fanny Ardant, Cara Delevingne and Helen Mirren, friends of Karl Lagerfeld, read excerpts from works by his favorite authors – such as Virginia Woolf, Stéphane Mallarmé, Colette and Edith Sitwell – while a series of artists paid homage to Lagerfeld, who was both an inspiring figure and a friend. That said, these artists – from the likes of Charlie Siem to the likes of Pharell Williams – alongside 2500 invited guests, witnessed a spectacular exhibition of 56 giant enlargements of portraits taken throughout Lagerfeld’s life by some of the most famous photographers, in a setting designed by Robert Carsen. The setting, inspired by Karl’s favorite colors – black and white – was enhanced with a touch of red. Truly a memorable night that could only be described as the celebration of Karl Lagerfeld’s influence on both the Fashion and Art scenes.

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Beat the Heat in Beach Trousers

Mastering beach style is an art in itself, one that shouldn’t be underestimated. Sure, you could always go the easy way, wear a pair of denim shorts with a little tee and go on about your day, but what does that really say about you?

Granted, during the warmest months of summer, you just want to be left alone while you sunbathe by the pool, but any woman who loves fashion automatically loves to make an entrance. And so, this season, we’ve watched yet again the rise of beach trousers; you know, the ones that come with either matching crop tops or that you can pair with any fresh blouse. The great thing about these pants is that they come in so many colorful and eclectic prints, that you’ll see them coming from a mile away. Not only are these trousers lightweight, slouchy and comfortable for the pickiest one of us, but their fabric is also as versatile as ever. We’ve seen fabrics ranging from broderie Anglaise, to summer knits, silks and poplin cotton. To complete the look, go for summery slides, a big straw beach bag and fabulous shades!

Take a look at our selection and pick your favorite beach trousers!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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CHANEL Re-Opens its Dubai Mall Boutique

It’s at the heart of the Dubai Mall that CHANEL has reopened its largest boutique in the UAE –a boutique that was first unveiled in 2009. Spanning over 715 square-meters, the new store features a two-story design and a ground floor dedicated to showcasing the latest CHANEL creations, Ready-to-Wear, bags, shoes and accessories, fragrances, as well as a selection of Fine Jewelry and Watches. 

But what does the new concept look like? Well first off, it was designed by New York-based architect Peter Marino, who’s been known for his uncanny ability to constantly translate and reinterpret the aesthetic codes of the House. With that in mind, the boutique is comprised of an interior mall façade featuring folded stone screens, and a beautiful display window introducing the latest collections. There are two main entrances introducing the spacious ground floor, where clients can step into the Accessories world, with a handbag display to the left and a modulable wall to the right – a wall that will continuously be transformed to feature the newest creations, immersing clients into new experiences with each visit.

Alongside the costume jewelry area, customers are welcomed into a display dedicated to Les Exclusifs de CHANEL fragrances, then into an expansive shoe area and later into a selection of CHANEL Watches & Fine Jewelry masterpieces. To top it all off, two Ready-to-Wear salons and three fitting rooms are decorated with specially-commissioned artworks by Shelter Serra, Martin Kline and Alastair Cook – yet another fabulous reminder of the House’s continuous relationship with Art.

The first floor unveils two beautiful VIP salons, decorated in CHANEL’s signature tones of light beige, burgundy and gold and offering clients the ultimate luxury experience.

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12 Comfy Day Rompers for a Fresh Summer

Why bother going through the whole matching process when you can just slip into a romper and pull off an effortless look? Whether you call it a romper, a jumpsuit, or overalls, there’s one – albeit simple – way to wear them: slip into them and let these onesies do the magic for you.

There’s something about jumpsuits that give off a statement without you even having to try hard. However, one major issue that comes with said jumpsuits is: what do I do if I want to go to a public bathroom?

While we think it’s not really an issue here, we consider the accessorizing part of the equation the single most important matter. Should you wear the wrong shoes, the wrong bags, heck even the wrong bijoux, your outfit can go from yay to nay in a split of a second. The trick here is to go with the flow of your romper and make sure you don’t over-do it. But if you’re still wondering which rompers you should own for a casual day out, then here are our options for you!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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