Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear

As though passing through a prism, Giorgio Armani’s vision refracts and mutates, thus looking different but remaining unchanged since it is coherent and continuous by definition. It reveals the vibrations, the source of it all, because everything vibrates: colors, sensations, and feelings. So, for its Spring-Summer 2024 women’s collection, the House brought these vibrations to life so they become visible and made them expand the chromatic scale to touch notes of bronze and silver and light up in precious greens and purples, only to arrive at a white that permeates the evenings. With different shades of blue also joining the color palette, every detail was pulsating with a liveliness like no other.

All this magic was cast on a fluid and refined wardrobe where shapes follow the body and its movement. As a result, each of the liquid jackets, crisp coats, soft trousers, low heels, large bags, and everything in between featured their own undulations.

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